• [2018/06/22]
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  1. You cant beat D

    Fights 4.7 Update holodeck thoughts and wishes

    Upon first hearing the holodeck changes I was shocked, there was a period of pre-emptive disappointment, but overtime, I put myself into an open mindset, and had agreed to hold my critics until a week or so after the update. All this time later and what do I have to say as an experienced player...
  2. M

    Bug - Normal Bouncing Eliza

    So, while I was playing the first node of holodeck hazards, my Bloodbath Eliza was in sekhmet mode, the sekhmets bite BB. The AI Star-spangled Cerebella used a tier 3 BB, Grabbag, what caused the bug to appear. The first hit is to launch the opponent in the air, then followed by the rest of the...
  3. Art3mes

    [4.6] Holodeck Event: First Impression and Strategies

    How do I begin? 🤔 Holodeck is a great event which provides considerable amounts of EXP within small amounts of time. A dream for many. To me, the event looks the next level of Accursed Experiments but with more EXP in exchange for rewards. But it's not something you can just play around with...