• [2018/06/22]
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  1. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Normal Invincibility buff didn't work

    iPhone 6s iOS 12.1.2 Game version 3.0.2 I was facing a Diamond Buzzkill with my Gold Xenomorph, in the Gold "Cutting Room Floor" PF. I had applied Doom to the Buzzkill so I was just turtling and taking advantage of the Perfect Block fight modifier, waiting for Doom timer to kill the Buzzkill...
  2. S

    Fights Big Band Daily Event

    I'm going to try my best to be as reasonable and as civil as possible here. The topic I'm about to discuss makes me want to scream my head off when I'm going through it but I know doing that wont get me anywhere. So, the Big Band Daily Event is... Annoying... Really annoying... The fight...