• [2018/06/22]
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  1. 1

    Bug - Normal Level resets to 0 after a Prize fight match

    I don’t now why but recently, every time I finish a PF or a daily my level resets to 0 and my fighters don’t seem to get any Xp, this is really annoying because I have to fully close the app if I want to got to rift battles. Is there way this can be fixed ? I’m currently on an iPhone 7 with iOS...
  2. Tsukiakari

    Bug - Normal The crash problem getting worse after the 4.3 update

    I used to report this bug since 4.2 because this is where the crash start to get a little bit frustrated. After 4.2, I can only play 8~10 prize fight matches in a sesion before restart the app to avoid crashing (and it will crash if I forgot and continue to play). But I can still hang on to it...
  3. S

    Bug - Normal Graphics glitch after looking at Parasite Weave’s skill tree

    Album: https://imgur.com/a/Wa3WaIk iOS 11.2.6, iPhone 7 This only happens with Parasite Weave, this team and this enemy team lineup. Steps to reproduce: 1. Access PW’s skill tree through the TEAM button in bottom center. 2. Go back to team overview. I’ve tried this against two other enemy...
  4. Luke

    Resolved ios crash when change fighter

    ipad air ios 10.3.2 (up to date as of now) When/where crash happens: -in all modes(event story prize) -Happenes only when i used up my curent teams energy, and have to change team. Frequency of crash: Now every time, BUT, one out of three times when I try to enter team change. App would crash...
  5. MightyZug

    OFFICIAL: Hard Launch Update Notes

    Hey everyone! A sneak peek below of a mail message that Soft Launch players will be receiving in-game later this evening: NEW INTEL: FULL RELEASE UPDATE Molly here with some intel on what to expect in the next few weeks! As you know, we’ve been in a limited release up until now, gathering...