• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Rudølf

    Other Items Becoming Sellable

    By items, I'm referring to relic shards, rift tickets, skill points, energy refills and the like. Currently, we can only sell moves in exchange for canopy coins. But what if we can sell the resources we get, too? It would help a lot. Some of you may be thinking it's stupid to sell certain...
  2. ZeoW

    Collection Move Level-Reset Item?

    Finding a move with the right combination of stats are already difficult to begin with. Most of the cases, I use moves with two great stats and one sub-par stat, in the hopes that the sub-par stat is ignored as I upgrade it. Sometimes it works but other times it doesn't which leads to cases...
  3. Wulfden

    Collection Equippable items?

    Hello there everyone! Happy Rumble Pack to those in Prize Fights and hope you all have been enjoying the winter! That said, I wanted to perhaps suggest if we could get relics or items that let you equip them onto characters similar to moves, but grant basic extra abilities you'd see on other...
  4. Ryouhi

    Other Wishlist for the Shop (more things to spend theonite on)

    Hey there, with this thread i want to collect a bunch of suggestions for the Skullgirls Mobile store in one place, because i personally feel it is rather lacking, since the only thing you can buy with theonite is relics. And once you have all your favorite Fighter variants, there's not much...