• [2018/06/22]
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jackpot relic

  1. C

    Bug - Crash I lost 5000 theonites

    Hello! Today, few minutes ago, I bought Jackpot Annie relics for 5000 theonites (keep in mind that collected them WHOLE YEAR). When i bought these relics, my game crashed, i came back... I didnt have 5000 theo. Cool. But didnt have any jackpots. NOT COOL. I even reinstalled game but it did...
  2. BallotBoxer

    Spooky Relic

    SPOOKY RELIC It is like year's HAUNTED RELIC (remember all those comics-themed silvers?) but with much more! (source: stolen, er, I mean copied, from Liam's mega post in the 4.0 thread and in-game mail) The SPOOKY RELIC will be available in OFFERS (10/25 - 11/4) and in the RELIC STORE (10/28...