• [2018/06/22]
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  1. K

    Bug - Crash Bug Prize Fight

    Invisible characters and there was no fight. Did i lose for nothing?
  2. Jocemigue

    Bug - Normal Lost of streak of price fights

    I have a huawei p20 lite When I win a price fight the loading screen (that with the little bomb walking) takes a long time to load and then the screen goes black without show the experience or any Stat and then count the fight as lost, I lost 7 streaks today, This is getting too annoying, since...
  3. Jocemigue

    Bug - Normal Win rift fights but count like lose

    I win this fight but the loading screen keeps for a while and count as lost
  4. Jocemigue

    Bug - Normal Win the fight but the game counted it as lost and erased my streak

    I have a 17 fight streak and win this one but the game freeze after win cinematic and says the text to recover my streak
  5. LCGamer

    Bug - Normal Neuromancer is still stealing bb meter

    Hi! I'll write in portuguese, this is my first language. Nas notas da penúltima atualização (4.1) foi citado que a Neuromancer não iria mais ganhar medidor bônus para os Blockbuster, porém desde a atualização 4.1.1 ela está ganhando, e isso vem me atrapalhando muito: várias vezes perdi uma...