• [2018/06/22]
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marquee abilities

  1. MugPug

    Annie’a Marquee ability: Redshift & Blueshift

    THIS IS NOT OKAYYYY. Listen, for you who don’t know Annie has just been announced (yes yay yay whatevs) on the Skullgirls mobile Twitter account they’ve been giving us previews on what she’s going to play like, variants, etc. on their account they’ve just revealed her marquee ability and it is...
  2. BallotBoxer

    Marquee Ability: Untethered Entity

    SPECTRAL SPITE Deal 1% bonus damage for every 5% HEALTH missing. WRAITH'S WRATH Reduce damage taken by 1% for every 5% HEALTH missing. The Marquee Ability selections for Fukua are framed as a simple choice between offense and defense, but is it that simple? Which variants would benefit most...
  3. R

    Other Resetting Marquee Abilities

    Let's say you finished upgrading the skill tree of that Silent Kill of yours and you choose Trauma Center for her Marquee Ability. Halfway through maxing it you found out that she could do better with ICU and now you're left with no choice but to spend skillpoints to swap her Marquee Abilities...
  4. V

    Which marquee ability is better for Double?

    CHAOS: When at an ELEMENTAL ADVANTAGE, inflict a random DEBUFF for 10/20 seconds when landing a CRITICAL HIT VS VOLATILITY: Every 30/20 seconds gain a random BUFF for 10 seconds
  5. cappatacus

    Valentine's Marquee Abilities

    Which of Val's MAs is the best choice? (I'm looking at SG, if that makes a difference.) Does Trauma Center actually trigger enough to prolong a fighter's life? Or is it better to use ICU, which seems like a great counter to the all-powerful bleed that most top fighters rely on?