• [2018/06/22]
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palette references

  1. transalpina

    6.2 Monthly Fighter Palette Discussion

    New palette preview released on SGM Instagram, can we guess-timate what the references are? Left -> Right Peacock - Cuphead (99% Certain) Filia - Fiona & Cake/Finn & Jake (Also 99% Certain) Marie - La Chilindrina? (The colors are familiar but I'm not sure..) Big Band - Wario (99% Certain)...
  2. BallotBoxer

    Guessing Umbrella Palette References

    While you can design your own Umbrella palette over here (https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/umbrella-palette-ideas.17624/), let's try to figure out if any of the palettes in the game are a reference to something in this thread. So far, 14 have appeared in 2nd Encore and many will...
  3. BallotBoxer

    Umbrella Palette Ideas

    Umbrella is going to need lots of coordinated color outfits. A new character to SGM will need at least 11 (2 bronze, 3 silver, 4 gold, 2 diamond) to catch up with everybody else! It's palette predicting/picking time! Use this thread to suggest ideas or make your own. How to make an Umbrella...
  4. Art3mes

    [5.2.1] All Palette References (yes, with images)

    I was reading this thread about the references to character quotes and it's pretty good. But I couldn't find anywhere about palette references. There are some very iconic and great palette we got in this game. So, I thought, my time has come! After a very long break, it's done. I have taken the...