• [2018/06/22]
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  1. curioscat229

    Mean one or Ultraviolent?

    I really like both peacocks but i don't know which is better to invest in. both SA's are really good and worth it in my opinion. I just need a little outside opinion for some convincing.
  2. Cellsai

    SG Custom Fighters

    2019 Edit: A lot of the initial post in this thread is wildly out of date, and there's newer better tools for making custom cards. I've moved most of the the original post into Spoilers. Here's where you can make custom palettes for any of the cast: https://sgmpalette.netlify.com/ Here's...
  3. StrongestAntiMETA

    Characters Peacock Wildcard's debuff pool needs update.

    As you can see on these images below, Wildcard doesn't inflict GUARD BREAK & FATIGUE. Double Chaos MA can do that, so why not Wildcard? Please update her debuff pool. Thank you SGM. PS. So I'm corrected that Chaos MA can't inflict GUARD BREAK but Double's BB move can.