• [2018/06/22]
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prize fight help

  1. albert2417

    Is this even possible? Not sure if I'm just overreacting to this, but this seems ridiculous...

    Is this a hacker or something? First the difference in scores is just crazy and there's no way for this player to have bled me to death, since my Valentine marquee is gaining regen with every debuff. If this is a hacker, any way I can report this? Thanks.
  2. M

    Bug - Normal My internet went out, so the game assumed I lost a fight.

    I was doing a prize fight and the second after I won I got stuck on a loading screen, after a little bit I found out my internet had went out, and the game immediately assumed that I lost and I was forced to pay 55 gems to keep my streak. phone: iPhone 11 OS: iOS 13.5.1
  3. Soaked-In-Soul

    Gold PF suggestions and are you still updating the PF scores?

    Are you guys still updating the PF and rift score thread? I have been trying so hard to score enough to get In to the 10% gold, but I always seem to fall short. This tool would be very helpful in determining whether or not to waste my time, but hasn’t been updated since July 4. I’ve gotten...