• [2018/06/22]
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  1. A

    Which of the two is better?

    Hello, could you tell me which of the two characters is better? Cerebella Toad Warrior Ms Fortune Purrfect Dark
  2. A

    Robo-Fortune Purrminator?

    Is it worth investing resources in it? Is it as good as they say?
  3. A

    Eliza Scarlet Viper or Bloody Valentine?

    In which of the two is it worth investing resources? Take also to ask the same for No Egrets and Ivy League :)
  4. A

    Bad Ms Frosty worth it?

    Hello greetings a doubt is still worth investing resources in her after your nerf?
  5. A

    Characters Bronze to Silver?

    Hello, could you recommend pj Bronze that is worth evolving to Silver?
  6. A

    Beowulf Wrestler X is it worth investing resources in?

    Hello greetings someone who has it could you recommend me to invest resources in it or not?
  7. A

    Silver characters that are worth investing resources?

    Hello greetings as the title says that Silver characters are worth it to invest resources in it?
  8. AwsomeTheMyth

    Recommended Marquee for Variants list (Part 2)

    Double: Marquee Ability: ENTROPY Speak of the devil, Double is all about randomness and sheer luck, ranging from patiently waiting to recieve buffs on her own to inflict crazy debuffs on her adversaries as long as she's at Elemental Advantage, talk about a secret servant of RNG. CHAOS: When at...
  9. AwsomeTheMyth

    Recommended Marquee for Variants list (Part 1)

    Beowulf: Marquee Ability: TITLE FIGHT Focuses on how well you play with beowulf, either by hittting hard against tagged in enemies after you took some damage to keep up the pace or to quickly finish off your current enemy while your health is higher than the enemy so they don't get any chance to...