• [2018/06/22]
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rift coins

  1. Mornedil

    Probably not how we're intended to play Rift Battles

    A big reward from playing rifts are those much useful rift coins. And since the coins we gain from each battle scales with our win streak, longer streaks mean more coins! But, keeping a streak gets harder and harder the higher our rift rating is... So players have developed the strategy of...
  2. TonyPartridge30

    Other Slightly discount bigger purchases in the Cabinet

    The Cabinet of Curiosities was a good addition, giving us options to buy some materials/fighters/moves with Canopy Coins or Rift Coins. But one thing I've noticed is that, often times, for each type of item (at least in the Treasures section), there are two purchasing tiers: one where you get...
  3. TasiaChaan

    Resolved Rift coins doesn't increased

    This week, I've had 2 battles (1 lose and 1 won) got 11 and 45 rift coins respectively. But when I checked my stash, my rift coins still at 983 (before and after battle. Still same) later I just use for buy something from Cabinet, it can reduced.