• [2018/06/22]
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skill tree

  1. Patey_p

    Need help :P

    Its just me wrong about the game or theres a bug?i was leveling up my silver character to gold and now the skill tree keys are still using the silver keys instead of gold keys?i don't encounter this problem last time.
  2. V

    Is it worth max out two or more different fighters of the same character at the same time?

    To Unlock and Max out the skill three of a Gold Fighter you need A LOT OF RESOURCES: Only To max out The Skill Three you need 1.125 skill points and 2.435.000 canopy coins. Only To Unlock and max out ONE marquee ability you need 2.750 skill points and 250.000 canopy coins. Only To Unlock and...
  3. P

    Bug - Normal Bugs I found so far (2.7.1)

    - In any fighter's skill tree, once you zoom out, the page automatically zooms out as far as possible, and you cannot zoom in anymore. This bug disappears when you exit the skill tree, but still reappears if you zoom out again. - Fighter Scores are no longer instantly updated when you upgrade...
  4. S

    Other More Intricate Training Mode

    Hey I've been playing Skullgirls Mobile for quite some time and was wondering if there was anything that could be done about the training mode. I don't really use training mode that often, only because I feel that it is kinda lackluster. Now, I don't expect Street Fighter V levels of intricacy...
  5. S

    Best way to max out a fighter?

    Backstory- From playing Skullgirls for a few months, I have gotten a lot of different characters at many different ranges of strength (if that makes sense). To elaborate, I've always wondered if there was a proper way to max out a fighter, whether it be the fastest way or the most efficient long...
  6. G

    Question about skill tree

    does it affect the character if i max it out in level first and then use the keys upgrading the nodes to get the highest power level? or is it better to level up the skill tree while leveling up fighter level.
  7. J

    Skill points

    I didn't found how to get skill points. Can someone help? I started this week and I upgrade a lot my peacock because I had difficulty on the treasure ones, but now I have another peacock and only 2 skill points :c.
  8. M

    should purchasing keys be a thing?

    (i searched this before posting, forgive me if it was already talked about, i simply didnt use the right words if so) ive noticed that it normally takes prize fights or completing certain portions of the story mode to get keys for the skill tree unlocking. i dont think this is a bad system...