• [2018/06/22]
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  1. stale cheeto

    Bug - Normal I have an issue involving Filia's tag in attack

    Ok this went by super duper fast and I couldn't make sense of what was going on but I'll explain the best I can. I was playing the Annie prize fight, right? Cerebella used Diamond Drop to KO my Annie and then swiftly tagged in Filia while Painwheel was just coming in. Filia kicked Painwheel and...
  2. stale cheeto

    Bug - Normal Bug involving Double and Parasoul

    If you tag out with Double right when Parasoul is using the Silent Scope blockbuster, and Double is hit, the camera gets fixed on Parasoul and the rest of the enemy team for the rest of the match. You can send the enemy flying, and the camera will just keep following them.
  3. bestsuperblox65

    Fights Assist moves & Double snaps

    Here's a idea I think would be pretty cool. In the Console/PC Skullgirls, you could have characters on the bench pop onstage to do a move. What if we allowed that in mobile? Holding the character you want to do a move with would trigger it. Another thing that was unique to this was "Double...
  4. Hebbski23

    Resolved Outtake bug

    When a target character is forced out with an outtake attack when the target character is affected by the “Disable Tag-ins” debuff, no character will replace the target character until the “Disable Tag-ins” debuff wears off. Not a big deal, as the debuff can’t be made permanent, but it will lead...