• [2018/06/22]
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  1. B

    Characters Merge Shiny to established character

    Needs a feature to merge a Shiny Character with an identical character that's been leveled up, evolved, etc. to transfer the Shiny to the established character. (or transfer the exp., evolutions, etc. to the Shiny)
  2. Deeves

    Total amount of Canopies and Skill Points

    I'm not even sure if I'm in the right section but I was actually hoping if somebody can give me a link or a rundown on how much is the total amount needed for fully upgrading a character's skill tree for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond (no Marquee yet) with canopies and skill points. If it's...
  3. ZeoW

    Collection Move Level-Reset Item?

    Finding a move with the right combination of stats are already difficult to begin with. Most of the cases, I use moves with two great stats and one sub-par stat, in the hopes that the sub-par stat is ignored as I upgrade it. Sometimes it works but other times it doesn't which leads to cases...
  4. Smyrna

    Cost to Upgrade a Move

    THIS IS FOR GOLD TIER MOVES ONLY For those wondering how much it costs to upgrade a skill from 1 to 15, here is some info. Anything not shown in the picture is because I don't have the info myself yet. For those just wanting to know the total cost from 1 to 15, it's 2,935,000 canopy coins...
  5. Sahazi

    Unable to play anymore...

    I recently broke my tablet while playing SG, Accursed Experiments... yeah... just wanted to post it on this page, maybe just to realive my frustration... damn, i really miss playing, i know it's my foult, but the game was acting weird before my incident... i wish i can fix it soon or get another...