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Characters A system to build up characters abilities?

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Wulfden, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Wulfden

    Wulfden Well-Known Member

    May 27, 2017
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    So, this was brought up in another thread I voiced my opinion, but as someone did mention, in the current meta of SG mobile, we are most likely in need of a new system to grant bonuses to units we have in the game to bring up their usage and steer away the idea of only using tier lists so to speak when thinking of what fighters we use now.

    Before, my idea of letting Bronze and Silver cards get upgrades from evolving was as follows:

    "...For example, Cold Stones Beowulf has a 5% chance of stunning an opponent with his throws, which can be turned into 15% with all his nodes bought

    That said, if the general formula is: 5/10/15% for a bronze Cold Stones, when we evolve to a silver, I think it maybe a good idea to be able to upgrade those nodes to

    10/15/20% and then with gold: 15/20/25% as a whole. Nothing more so to create an OP card, but to also get "stronger" like the other tier cards, but still suffering the same "An evolved bronze will start at level 1, but at max it will still be a bit weaker than a natural silver" thing.

    I think the best way to implement that would be to still let you pay for a new node upgrade, at about the same cost of the base tier of the card, or half the cost of the tier you evolve into (I.e: A gold or silver tier) so there is still a way to use theonite or coins and sigils.

    While we may not be able to have better abilities over all, I think if we can at least bring up the characters we like, even if they were bronze or silver tiered, to something "more" balanced to their counterparts but still underwhelming, people will find more reasons to stick with their faves or evolve the palette they do like best but may not be competitively the best. This is also maybe to curb the "Well, I want XYZ palette because the tier says so" thinking and bring more of the "Play your faves but there is still an accepted tier list" if that makes sense?

    I imagine this would be only for the character ability side, as the attack addition bonuses, health, and energy consumption nodes would need to be looked at if we really go that far, but allowing you to beef up the character's abilities as we evolve would be more helpful in helping those underpowered fighters we may like better than all the rest..."

    That said, another user has also brought up that if the Bronze and Silver characters are allowed to be able to evolve and get these bonuses, what of the Gold cards?

    (Which also brings up to the other ideas I had, besides the aspect of using George's as an item to boost exp than potential fighter duplicates, which I'll make another thread for)

    I believe there should be a more advanced system in which we can use duplicate fighters to both evolve, but also allow our current characters to evolve their base abilities so to speak so that in this way we can boost the appeal of the characters we like as a whole. Perhaps, not so much as stacking the abilities, but giving us a way to say:

    - Boost the character abilities like my example on a Cold Stones Beowulf to a "better" ability

    as well as

    - Boost the character abilities of a Gold character's ability

    As of right now, the idea of allowing Bronze and Silver tiered cards to be able to evolve and then unlock their nodes at about half the cost of the evolved tier is plausible, but cuts out Gold cards of the equation due to the fact that they cannot evolve further. This in turn would potentially be able to be resolved by allowing us to use duplicate fighters to in a sense, renew the Gold character's character ability nodes to upgrade them once again. If anyone else has any ideas to build up on this idea, please don't hesitate to voice it here! My main goal here, in my feedback, is to help Mobile gain some traction in the favorites people play instead of simply hoping we get one character palette and being miffed that the characters we do have can't really have the investment we would like to give them simply because the abilities are holding us back.


    EDIT: It comes to mind there could also be a button similar to how we have an evolve button for maxed cards, we could have an "Upgrade" button on the cards' interface that allows us to use 3 duplicate fighters to thereby let us upgrade our abilities so to speak. However, this can be done at any time for a Gold tier, and when we evolve a card at least once.

    For example:

    A Bronze Underdog Beowulf will be able to upgrade his abilities "once" when he's upgraded to a silver card meanwhile,

    a Silver No Egrets Parasoul will be able to upgrade her abilities as she is considered a silver tier and therefore an "evolved" card by definition.

    A Gold Wolfsbane Beowulf will be able to Upgrade twice as he is by definition, been evolved from a bronze to a gold.

    You will be able to Upgrade ONLY when you buy all the nodes for character abilities (Not including the unblockable charge attacks as they are generic for everyone) and will not be able to use the button again until you fill the requirements to upgrade once more.

    No one will really have a real reason to power up their fighters with dupes, but at least in this case, while it is not truly "evolving" our cards, but this will in fact be a way to use our dupes in an effective way as well, especially when we have many characters in the end game from relic pulls!
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