• [2018/06/22]
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Story Ascent of a Woman (Master) needs to change


Aug 25, 2023
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The game just isn't fun with the set of rules this chapter has on master difficulty. Don't misunderstand, it's doable; it's just exceedingly boring. Can we please get an update to this to make it fun? Instead of forcing us to use dirt or silver or gold fighters, maybe let us use any rank of character, instead of punishing us for evolving? Maybe let us use any character, instead of forcing us to use the garbage ones that can barely get a 15 hit combo? With how they are now, they aren't "master" challenges; they're a slog, boring, tedious, and a result of poor game design.

It's pretty clear we're expected to have very specific characters for these fights, but we don't get to choose what characters we get from the relics. And when we do get them, the game encourages us to evolve them! Why? We need them for these very specific challenges, but we don't get to know about that until it's too late! It just feels like a slap to the face.
Además de eso, los primeros desafíos están ridículamente faciles y los últimos, como es el caso de este capítulo, demasiado difíciles y eso es frustrante, te piden muchos requisitos y te ponen mil problemas para poder hacerlos, al menos yo no he podido con los últimos combates de este capítulo y sinceramente ya decidí que no lo intentaré más, es frustración que ya no quiero. Es un juego ! Debería ser divertido no romperte la cabeza