• [2018/06/22]
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Ashes to Ashes & Center Stage.


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Feb 10, 2022
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These 2 moves are considered squigly's worst moves for different reasons.

Ashes doesn't combo at all and the only safe use-case for it as as a combo finisher, but there are way more better options for that. Aswell it inflicts wither which squigly can already inflict with opera and inferno, and they're way better moves.
How we can fix it in my opinion is make it cancellable to a bb so that you can use it and quickly cancel to daisy pusher for example. Wither can stay if the move is easier to use but if it had healblock it would give more incentive to use it.

Now for center stage, it shares similarities with silver cord where they both drag the opponent to you, but the difference is silver cord hitstuns the enemy so you can continue to combo and also can steal buffs, while center stage ifor combo potential is only useful when the enmy is mid air for an opera, or for a quick daisy pusher. Silver cord is the better option for dragging enemies imo, so I'd like center stage to do a little bit more than just shrink the screen.

How to improve it imo: hitstun the enemy if they're not blocking and just standing for the duration of the move. Meaning using a dragon charge is actually useful now as it hitstuns the enemy for a longer time and easy for more combos.

What do you think?