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Fights Attack Catalysts!


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Sep 26, 2018
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Hello guys, it’s me your least favorite poster, regardless I had an explosion of thoughts and while looking at all the threads complaining about the Rift Mode that we all LoVe SO MuCh thought of having another type of catalyst to counterattack the comments and I didn’t see this idea from anyone else so I want to give you my thoughts on the subject.

Lemme begin explaining what this is while I look at the comments I see a common trend of why people despise Rift Battles with a passion and the let down it brought on the community and personally I do agree. I don’t really go on Riff because what always happens is I just have an encounter with an opponent that has 50 diamonds, 25 maxes out golds, an AK-47, thicc thighs, their moms belt, and the kitchen sink and to tell you the truth I can’t compete with that. I only have one diamond that being Jawbreaker and I really have to hussle in order to win these battles so I have a proposition. I think of this as experimental as this might go out of hand but I was thinking of letting players have the new option of ATTACK CATALYST here’s how they would work.

How they would be applied: Like when editing and create your defense the player would and could have options for a catalyse next to the CHARACTERS tab. ONLY ONE would be applied per Match and

Negation Catalysts: Ever had the moment when you look at the boss node and see 3 Big Bands with the Futile Resistance Modifier and think ‘Wow this is fun... IM HAVING FUN.’ great well rejoice gamers because there is a solution. Have a single-use catalyst that completely negates the use of another catalyst ta-da the Futile Resistance is gone and you have successfully saved yourself 3 hours of your day and a trip to the Phone Repair Store.

Character Attack Catalysts: Just like Character Defense Catalysts these would target a character or several, and cause special effects but like in story mode you HAVE to have the character in your party, the ideas off the top of my head are:
- Four Heads Are Better That One: Must have 1x Filia and 1x Squigly; When Both Fighters are alive Critical Hits from Squigly give her Thorns and Critical Hits from Filia inflict Death Mark and Wither.
- A Real Drain: Must have Robo-Fortune and Painwheel; If either of the fighters are below 25% or defeated all damage to the opponent causes at least 1% of their max health.
- A Purrfect Pair: Must have 1x Ms.Fortune and either Eliza or Robo-Fortune (not both); When using their character ability (Eliza in Sekmet Mode, Robo having all heads out, Ms.Fortune having her head out) the fighter will gain 1% max heath per second while not taking damage.
- High Flyin’, Death Defyin’: Must have Peacock and Cerebella; While Airborn Gain 2 Stacks of Blessing and 1 Stack of Thorns.
- Boys Night Out: Must have Beowulf and Big Band; When an opponent is Grabbed or Knocked Down gain 5 Stack of Precision, if A Critical Hit deals over 10% of the opponents Max Heath gain Haste and Heavy Regen.
- Healing Sessions: Must Have Double and Valentine; When an opponent is suffering from Heal Block or Bleed Attacks can’t deal over 10% percent of Valentines or Doubles Max Health.
- Bloodborn: Must have Filia, Eliza, and Painwheel; When an opponent has bleed Special Moves and Basic Attacks deal 50% more damage and 10% of the damage inflicted is regained as health, also these fighters cannot be inflicted with bleed.

Element Catalysts: Just like how other modifications for elements except worse because of the general use of different elements:
- Right as Rain: Water Elementals; When on the Right Side of the stage when an opponent uses a blockbuster inflict Cripple and gain Heavy Regen for 7 seconds.
- Slow Burn: Fire Elementals; Each 3 seconds damage inflicted is increased by 1% to you and 2% for you.
- Shade Spot: Dark Elementals; When Knocking an opponent down inflict Wither and Inverse Polarity for until you take damage. Getting Knocked Down gives you thorns for 5 seconds.
-Taken Lightly: Light Elementals; When Airborne gain invincibility and Regen for 2 seconds.
- Tailwind: Air Elementals; Dashing Forward gives the fighter 2 stacks of Enrage Dashing Back removes all buffs but gains 5% per buff removed.

I really do think that this would present players with new and fun ways to counteract catalysts. But that’s not all...

It’s time of our favorite session,
Balance: Obviously this would still cause problem if high level players could use this as well negating the reason for this as well so I came up with some solutions:
- Have the catalyst be applicable only if fighter score is lower that opponents.
- Have the catalyst be applicable in certain nodes.
- Have there be +25 points if you didn’t use a catalyst.

Give me feedback on this. Would you give Rift a chance if we got this? Do you think that Rift is unfixable or just needs a rework? Anyway I hope you all have a good rest of your day.
As always Stay Safe Eat Cake.


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Feb 1, 2018
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I'm not 100% on board with this but I do like the concept. I think the Negation catalyst would be too powerful (imagine carefully crafting your Boss Node only to have someone come in and render the catalysts you've invested in useless). However, I think giving the player a slight edge is nice. Normally my philosophy is that defense should get more help since Player > AI, but adding restrictions (like "Must Use X Characters", lower FS, etc) could keep it balanced. Although, if this was implemented, I would hope the devs would create a separate Offense catalyst. I'd hate to broaden the pool of potential catalyst pulls too much further.


Sep 25, 2018
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I like the idea of offensive catalysts however I don't think you should be able to use them in rift.
I have no idea how it is to be bronze - Gold since I've basicly always been diamond so might be abit different but at the skilllevel I play, finishing the entire map isnt in question. It's about maximizing your score. Get the Blockbuster finish, don't waste time, get longer combos...
So buffing your ability to go through the enemys defense isn't something I'd like to see. I'd go in the other direction and would want the defense buffed. Maybe add a second catalyst slot to some of the Duo nodes. Or give them a HP/ATT boost like the triple nodes.

I'm sure it sucks matching with people that are way out of your league (I know that feeling when I play against the Top players) but just take it as real life XP points. learn from their base (maybe you can improve yours), improve fighter useage (that fighter didnt work against X, next time ill try this one). That way you'll do better against the next player each time and you should be able to climb. Or you can try queuing up at a different time to avoid a certain player. I fought a Phenom player 3 times in a row every night and lost all of them. Then i switched to start an hour later and got matched with 'fairer' people.

Or just queue more, if you queue 5 times a week and 3 of those are unwinnable then yea that stings. but if you fight 14 fights things will be alot more balanced and at least half of them should be winnable. Bigger sample size = better balance. Throw a coin 1000 times. its highly unlikely it will come up 900 times tails.
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