• [2018/06/22]
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Story Beowulf’s Story Suggestion

Princess A

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Aug 15, 2019
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Hi, again. I don’t know if this would happen or not but, in my opinion, I feel like Beowulf’s story should be a little different. Most of the Skullgirls characters have serious backstories (with the exception of Fukua and Robo), but Beowulf’s story tends to not be taken seriously. Like for example, Filia is a member of the Medici family, but she lost her memory because of Samson, Painwheel was just a normal girl who was kidnapped into becoming a tool for defeating the Skullgirl, Eliza is responsible for a lot of heinous things for her own agenda, and so on. But Beowulf’s story is kinda feels like his was treated dirty. Why wasn’t he given a cool backstory like the others? Why doesn’t he have some connection with the or a Skullgirl? Or why wasn’t he given a serious reason as to why he retired (I know he already had a reason), like what if something horrible happened that led him to retired? I feel like joke backstories should be for joke characters like Fukua and Robo Fortune. But since Eliza and Beowulf are DLC characters, I feel like both of them should equally have a serious backstory, not one sided. I apologize if this was long, and I hope this didn’t come across to me complaining. This is just a little opinion and suggestion.

Thank you!
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