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Other Better odds for more expensive relics

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Veeko, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Veeko

    Veeko Well-Known Member

    Nov 3, 2018
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    So, whether buying with Theonite or coin, a character-specific relic costs twice as much as a Premiere, and an elemental relic costs three times as much. They all have the exact same odds. In fact, elementals used to at least be listed as having worse odds than premieres. Now, I understand why this is, there’s a smaller pool of fighters for you to choose from, but still... From what I’ve seen ingame, most people don’t really consider character relics worth buying, and especially not elemental relics- why would they, when you’re just as likely to just get bronzes and one silver from them as you are from a pack of premieres? There’s definitely a fair amount of people with elemental exclusive fighters out there, yes, but it seems like more people have natural diamonds than an elemental variant. (in fact, I actually pulled my Fly Trap from a Stormy Relic I was hoping to get Star Crossed from, but that’s not really relevant)
    So yeah. The title is my suggestion. To increase the appeal of Character and Elemental relics, boost their odds, and keep their price the same. Let’s say Character relics could have a slightly higher chance at a Diamond, and Elemental Relics- my main concern here- could have a bigger chance at Golds but the same for Diamonds so the elemental fighters aren’t quite so elusive.
    You may be saying, Veeko, it sounds like you’re just posting this because you want Star Crossed. And you’re right. None of the elemental variants are... game-breakingly good or anything like that, but their rarity suggests they are. From an objective standpoint, Primed is a better Parasoul than Star Crossed, and she’s way easier to get. But I love Star Crossed, I love her palette, her name, her ability, she sounds fun and rewarding to use, and I really want her. I think that’s the case for most of the elemental variants. Idol Threat is not the best Filia, even defensively, but she has a good palette that’s a reference a lot of people love, her name is a cute pun, her SA is neat and unique. So on and so forth. There’s gonna be people who have no interest in the elementals because they’re not The Meta Choice, and there’s gonna be people like me who really like and want one, or a couple, or all of them, and have a ton of trouble getting them. As much as I want Star Crossed, I just don’t feel like buying packs of Stormy Relics is worth it because they’re triple the price with the same drop rate as Premieres. Why spend 3,000 theonite and probably get 10 bronzes and a silver when I could spend the same on Premieres and sure not be able to get Star Crossed but have 33 chances at new fighters instead of 11?
    Considering there’s still going to be other golds of that element available from elemental relics, and they’re still triple the price of premieres, I think increasing their gold drop odds is fair even as far as preserving the exclusive status of elemental variants goes- this would make me, personally, a lot more likely to buy packs of elemental relics instead of just picking them from the CoC with Coins, and I’m sure other people will agree.
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  2. Zachary Baumstark

    Nov 16, 2018
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    Or maybe just a decrease in the cost of elemental and charchter relics in comparison? Like 150 for charchter and 200 or 250 for elementals? Idk

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