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Characters Big band- big nuisances


Jul 12, 2017
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so I'm not sure if this is the same for everyone else but I always and I mean always lose to big band when I'm 15-20 streak in prize fights. Almost constantly he hits me even when blocking. He just throws combo after combo without me being able to counter play him. And forget switching out because before my character even appears on screen there already getting hit. I need some answers here because it's getting to the point where imma bout to drop this game over big bands forever combo
I understand your pain man :( I just generally avoid fighting high FS Big Bands, cause they have so much health that by the time I get 50% through it, he's already BB3ed at least once.
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I suggest practicing with Cerebella and her Merry Gorilla Special Move (the one where she grabs the enemy and spins around them) as it will almost always succeed since Big Band has the largest hurtbox in the cast, even when cornered. There's also the added effect of giving very little Meter to the enemy and is a single hit so it rarely triggers Resonant Evil's armour passives. Big Band is my most used character and my biggest nightmares are always Cerebellas.

Otherwise, I can't really give any other tips without being given a specific scenario. Try not to be the first one to attack since Big Band's dash attack can pass through your attacks or if you leave yourself too open you might get stunned by his Cymbal Clash Special Move. At the very least, Epic Sax and Cymbal Clash are getting nerfed in the next patch since he can easily kill anyone in a single combo.
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Oh, you haven't read the patch notes?


Epic Sax's combo damage is going to be 50% instead of 100%. Cymbal Clash will have a much smaller chance to trigger too. Other noteable changes is a reduction in damage for both Merry Gorilla and George's Day Out as well as Peashooter Peacock's projectile damage buff. (35% instead of 50%) George's Day Out will also be harder to use in combos.
I'm not a huge fan of cerebella but I'll try it out seeing as big band is in almost every team I fight when I get to 20+ win streaks
I can easily defeat Painwheels, Filias, Parasouls, Elizas and Peacocks in the 9000-10000 range with my team of 3000-4000s, because you can usually kill them before they get a BB3 charged (well maybe not untouchable Peacock), but if it's a Big Band or Cerebella i always lose.

Once there's a bigger difference in Level of your fighters as you climb your streak, Big Bands and Cerebellas just wipe the floor with me.
They get so tanky, by the time i get to kill one of them they'll have charged their BB3s at least once, if not twice, which at that level-difference is often a oneshot for my squishier fighters, or at least severely hurts my tanks like my own Big Band or Cerebella.

I feel this is more a problem with how BB3s work still. I can deal with tanky enemies, since they deal less damage with normal attacks and you can block their normal blockbusters - but you can't do anything against BB3s if not even your tanks can properly withstand them anymore.
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Epic Sax is the most broken and overpowered fighter in the current version of the game. He has one of the highest HP, the fastest meter gain, the highest combo potential, and the highest damage output. Not to mention every version of Big Band has this bug where if you hit them while they're dashing, they'll gain infinite unflinching.

Thankfully, the "Big Band Mobile" meta will be killed off soon with this upcoming 1.3.0 update. Big Band in general will have his meter gain rate nerfed and his overpowered Cymbal Clash special will be nerfed as well.

Epic Sax will have his signature ability nerfed from 6% bonus damage per combo up to 100% total bonus damage down to 3% bonus damage per combo and 50% total cap.

These balancing updates alongside improved punishability for blockbusters in general will hopefully make Prize Fights more enjoyably and fair.
I've forgotten some other things to mention which are a bit more general instead of being specific to Big Band. The strength of the enemies is related to the strength of your entire team, so you can get easier opponents if you have 1 or 2 low level characters in your team, although this lowers the margin for error since you are in a sense fighting while outnumbered. You can also tag-out to a weaker character to sacrifice them to the Unblockable.

Another thing to consider are blockbusters that can hit as an enemy wakes up, preventing them from using their Unblockable until you yourself run out of blockbusters. I'm actually not too sure about this piece of advice since the devs have been making the AI better at blocking on get-up.
For me it's only big band that makes me struggle every other cast member I can easily defeat with my peacock combos which 0-100 almost every character. Big band just never stops combining and either brakes through my hairs or rats out the timer it's really dumb. I had a big band once corner jump my entire team it was aggravating to watch
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