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Resolved Big Band turns into static


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Aug 25, 2017
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My sister was playing skullgirls with me when she discovered this bug. She is playing on an iPad mini running iOS 10.3.2, and is also using the most recent version of Skullgirls. She was playing in the Big Band daily event, and went to grab Big Top Cerebella using her Bassline Big Band and the image you see is what followed. This static-like effect also happened when she used Super-sonic jazz in the same fight, but the static only encompassed Big Band.

I will answer any and all questions so that this issue gets solved! :)


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I also encountered this glitch in 1.3.0, but only if Big Band was in the fight. I don't know if it still occurs in 1.4.1 but I can't check at the moment because of the current glitches on Android.

Device model: Lenovo TB2-X3DF
Operating system: Android 5.1.1
This problem is because of a lack of RAM on your device. What version of the iPad Mini are you playing on?
I can't ask her currently, as she's out of town, but I do indeed know she plays on an older model.
SGM needs an absolute minimum of 1.5GB of RAM to run correctly. Even at that setting, sometimes the game will struggle to load sprites fast enough to keep up with the game. Big Band has the biggest sprites by far, so he will suffer from this Static bug the most.

Unfortunately this is not a problem that is going to go away any time soon as the game just needs more memory than that device has.
Okay, thank you very much! I will be sure to relay this on to my sister. :)