• [2018/06/22]
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buggy controls are back...


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Oct 19, 2020
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i complained about this in October 2020 - and have returned to playing after a few updates as often the controls are okay - if not sometimes a bit weird and i have to really put in effort in pressing quite hard to get the game to recognise a block. yessterday and today it's suddenly gotten hugely worse. I'm talking like no matter if i put both my thumbs down on the screen, hard, and make sure i don't even shift them - my characters will make a hit, dash or throw. when i actually want to hit or dash, sometimes they randomly throw or move backwards. yesterday it was cerebellar which was the worst but today it's every single character in every single fight. i can't play the game at all and i keep losing rifts because of the damn controls

i have an iPhone 6 and i cannot screen record :// just idk whatever code there was for fighters in September 2020 just put it back please bc i cant play the game at all. it just makes me lose and makes me insanely frustrated