• [2018/06/22]
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Other Censorship Solution

Thank you for sharing your opinion. You may care and talk about it all you like. đź‘Ť
As many know, there has been some changes in the art of the game Skullgirls. Many of the players didn't agree with the changes (changing the Black Egrets symbol, censoring Filia's underwear, censoring a scene from Big Band's Story Mode and etc.) So I come out with a solution that might satisfy both parties.
The possible solution could be the censorship being optional. If you don't feel comfortable seeing most of the lewd content in the game you could go at the settings menu, and turn on the censorship. But if you want to see the lewd content, you could simply turn off the censorship. This way both parties could be satisfied, the ones who don't like the censorship, and the ones who do prefer it.
So, do you think this idea could be possible and solve all this censorship matter?
I totally agree with this, however The devs and artists itself are the ones who's going to decide.

But, many players are just really sensitive, this makes the devs get trapped in two ways of weather the players will love the game or not.
Personally speaking, Sensitive content or not, art is art.
Regardless of the original inspiration or intention, when someone look at the original Black Egret flag and armband, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are Nazi-like.

So, if you are going to use images that remind people of an evil regime that systematically exterminated over six million human beings, then you better use them with proper care and consideration.

If the Black Egrets is an evil entity that aims to harness the power of the Skull Heart and Skullgirl to dominate the world and your job as the player is to defeat them and ultimately do, then by all means make them Nazi-like. There are plenty of games where the player goes and kill a bunch of Nazis or Nazi-like bad guys, and they are acceptable because the message is that the Nazis are evil.

Using these images on the Black Egrets says what exactly? At best, nothing.

Apply the same logic to all the other sensitive materials the devs removed, and you'll see that they made the right call.

People who create should care about the resultant messages that their works ultimately convey. At least the good ones do.