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Character Filtering System

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Zyvalceus, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. Zyvalceus

    Zyvalceus New Member

    Jun 9, 2018
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    Doesn't it seem bothersome to always have to filter out characters according to the requirements of a match?
    For example : For bronze prize fights, since we can't use gold or silver tier characters we need to filter the bronze characters every time we choose which characters that we're gonna use for the following fight.
    I acknowledge that there's the green tick button but why not make it a step easier for us :p
    Besides I don't see the point of showing characters that we can't use for the following fight.
    Why not add a feature that automatically filters out what CAN be used without having us filters anything ourselves.
  2. Cellsai

    Cellsai Oh Sai

    May 8, 2017
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    I think the devs said they tried that at some point but it led to confusion where people didn't know why their characters had suddenly gone missing.

    I agree that I'd prefer an option to 'show only usable fighters by default' though
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