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Bug - Normal Circuit Breaker Robo-Fortune (audio bug)

Discussion in 'Known Issues & Bugs' started by GEAR2SU, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. GEAR2SU

    GEAR2SU Member

    Apr 25, 2018
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    When using Circuit Breaker, and KO'ing the opponent before exploding, this happens:

    It sounds pretty silly, and it isn't gamebreaking. I've also noticed it being talked about in another place at the forums, but haven't found an actual bug report about it, so here we go :)

    Device is iPad (2017), iOS 12.2, but this is easily replicated on any device if anyone wants to see it themselves ;)
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  2. Liam

    Liam !Robot
    Hidden Variable Dev

    May 17, 2017
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    Thanks for the report! This is how it works in Skullgirls PC & Console, but she shuts up once the UI & menus slide in, in that version.

    I don't mind her going nuts but she should probably settle down once the UI covers the screen or something, heh. I'll make a ticket for it.
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