• [2018/06/22]
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Bug - Normal Clearing up confusion


Jun 8, 2017
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Brief disclaimer that this is not a glitch or bug, but an issue with an aspect of the game that I think needs attention as it is currently having an adverse impact on players.

In light of the number of players surprised, angry and/or confused as to why they got no placement reward whatsoever in the St. Valentine’s Day prize fight, I think there needs to be greater visual emphasis on the fact that milestone #3 in all cases needs to be broken in order to qualify for a final position prize. Perhaps the colour of milestone 3 in the prize list should be different, maybe orange or something else that will obviously clash with the blue of the others. The small tagline on the ‘event rewards’ tab of the prize preview window is apparently also too missable so I think something should be done to highlight it or reiterate it to make it unmissable for unfamiliar players. If possible, some sort of fanfare or other congratulatory cue upon clearing that milestone would be nice. One last thing that would definitely clear things up but may take resources is the idea to send a message explaining why they didn’t earn anything to all players scoring between 0 and [milestone 3] points, as that would erase the misunderstanding that the inbox is broken or something like that.
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