• [2018/06/22]
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Collection Devolving to get additional characters.

Will you devolve character to get rare?

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Aug 29, 2018
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Russian Federation
My suggestion is make option to decrease state (devolve) some characters to one state down and bring same character AND few random characters (same name - i.e. Decreasing of Double will bring only Doubles).

Why i suggest this strange theme... I suggest to add all rare characters be in "random packet". Of course it must be not so profitably and cheating and i understand that it used to be some penalty for this operation. OK, there is few system that I propose:

For Example we have one Valentine. Let it be an Graveyard Shift Valentine. Let it be that we've increase her for gold from silver (and spent 4 any silver Valentines for this increasing). The level of character doesn't matter.

With devolving we can choose this gold Graveyard Shift and get from him one silver Graveyard Shifts (1lvl) (with saving bought abbilities) and 2 clear silver Valentine (including chance of Oh Mai, but it might be a really random but not the rare 1%).

OK, may be for "real random" is too big chance. May be we will be get 1 (devolved) Graveyard Shift and 2 clear silver Valentines?.. I'm not really sure about this counts but:

I think about crystal's devolving... Even if we get for +1 char for state (i mean devolving silver character brings total 2 characters, devolving of gold — 3, crystal — 5*)... With devolving of crystal characters we should get some compensation with spheres of elements... At least 1 (random) you know. So we have formula to envolve and devolve:
1 max_lvl gold + 5 gold + 3 spheres => 1 crystal with 1lvl => 1 gold (same as crystal, with saved abbilities but 1lvl) + 4 gold (including chance to win rare golds) + 1 random sphere...

So i'm not sure with best formula to compensate. It seems to good variants for the crystal devolve:
compensate 1 random sphere with only 2 random gold chars (+1 same as undevolved crystal)
compensate 2 random sphere with only 1 random gold chars(+1 same as undevolved crystal)
do not compensate spheres with 3 random gold chars (+1 same as undevolved crystal)

For the gold and silver (of course bronze characters is not suitable for devolving) i propose get
3 random silver (with rare) +1 silver same as undevolved gold;
2 random bronze (with rare if they will be in future) +1 bronze same as undevolved silver.

In additional... I think about those characters which haven't previus state. For example (Valentine again) if we try to devolve Silent Kill we will NOT get a silver Silent Kill but we will get 4 random silver Valentines PLUS half compensate of gold(money) and keys that was spent in devolving character...

Of course it's only suggest, and for saving ingame ecomomy we will get another counts and chanses (like 10% for rare). It's only an idea. But how do you think? Is it real?


Jun 8, 2017
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I think it is a very interesting idea, but for me personally there are already enough different things to do with regards to (d)evolution so it would feel like a bit of an overload of features. It seems a bit complicated.
Don't get me wrong, I would probably use this feature if it was added, but I just don't see it being implemented in the first place.


Mar 30, 2018
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Although on a base level, I really do want devolved fighters so I can use my golds or silvers, but then, it also devalues those Bronzes or Silvers that do well in their own respective tiers, on top of the complicated idea you've presented. Albeit, like Psyche, I too would totes use this feature if it did exist. There's more than just one repercussion to this devolution.
To spice things up at best, we'll get more Bronzes or Silvers if the need to have more diversity in the lower tiers arises.