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Other Different move sets for Offense & Defense

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Dusty00, Mar 16, 2019.


Do you swap moves (Offensive stats to Defensive stats) for your characters between each Rift Battle?

  1. Yes, swapping moves has helped me win rift matches by a very small margin of points!

  2. Sometimes, it depends how strong/weak my opponent is

  3. No, it makes no difference

  1. Dusty00

    Dusty00 Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2019
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    Wrote this idea in the General Discussion thread but thought I'd create it as a separate suggestion thread.

    With Rift mode requiring 20 strong defenders to even have a small chance to successfully defend the node, it makes a huge difference to equip moves with Def, HP, and resistance. It also really helps to throw in Burst and a BB3.

    However, when you attack a rift map, you need to switch to moves with ATK, Crit Chance, Meter Gain, and etc. to have a shot at beating a strong defensing team. For the trickier nodes, it makes a world of difference to throw in Tag Out and Immunity.

    It would be great if there's a way to have each character equip 2 sets of moves, 1 for offense and 1 for defense. This would allow players to 1. Safe time from unequip and equip moves between every rift fits and 2. Prevent players from entering the fight with the wrong sets of moves because we sometimes forget to swap!

    One idea is that when you set up your Rift Base, the game registers your characters with whatever moves they're equipped with at the time of setup. Once you hit confirm, it "locks" those moves so even when you change them outside the base map it would not alter moves associated with the defense map.

    Another idea is to have an Offense and Defense toggle somewhere in the game UI. When entering a rift fight the game reminds you to switch to Offense mode if you had forgotten to change it.

    I have an inkling that the backend logistics and coding would be a nightmare to figure out... in other words, this idea is easier said as a request than done to implement. I don't have programming and analytics background to be able to help come up with ideas for the Devs, so maybe someone who has the talent to do so may chime in?
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  2. Cellsai

    Cellsai Oh Sai

    May 8, 2017
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    I have a lot of Valentines and have have to juggle my good SMs/BBs between them a lot. Having to constantly remind myself to reset my moves before a new Rift Battle is pretty annoying. I'd love an option to lock moves to a character for Rift purposes.
  3. evilgordo

    evilgordo Member

    Jul 30, 2018
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    I've had similar thoughts about having characters and their move sets 'locked' on Defense and was very close to posting this very idea...but then thinking it over for a couple of days, I feel the Devs had considered this too, but chose not to...it is just adds another 'layer' to the (meta) game.
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