• [2018/06/22]
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Yo, that was a great video! So many combos I've never even thought of pulling off! Thanks man, it really helped a beginner like me a lot!
Huh, so that's how you use Catellite Lives in a non-useless way.

Thanks for making this! There's a ton of useful info in this video.
Great video. As someone that plays the game super casually in terms of combat it's nice to get an overview of what's possible outside of just L5 > Juggle > BB like i usually just end up doing!

Keep it up <3
Thank you for this video. It's awesome to see a variety of combos you can pull off even if people don't have a certain blockbuster. It does confirm the need for slide and bogus but everything else is pretty interchangeable which allows for players to focus more on what stats provide the best support for Double (Presuming they go chaos MA so they don't need Bandwagon's hex).
this is amazing and super informative! Double has always been a fave of mine and those combo tricks are super neat! Thank you for sharing! I especially love how you were switching between Doubles to juggle opponents. (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧
Thank you for this video! I had so many problems using "Boguz Buzzard" on a combo, so this is so great to see