• [2018/06/22]
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[Early impressions guide] Holodecks and how to best go through them


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Mar 30, 2018
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First things first: the reset is bugged. You may have to close and reopen the game every hour to get it.

With that out of the way:

The modifiers on the nodes are 150%, 300%(x2), 400%, and 500%. There is no bonus for beating any or all nodes, this is purely an EXP grind event. It's pretty late game too; despite the lack of modifiers the random opponents can be a challenge as you can't plan your attack.

The easiest way to win is to brute force. There's not many fighters that can stop raw power. And pretty much any fighter with good investment can do it, albeit they may need to be diamond for best results. In lower rarities, you have Sheltered and Infernal Twin. In terms of farmables, Primed, Harley, Claw and Order, and Epic Sax are all massive damage dealers you can get from prize fights. Phantom is a catch all in getting enrage, blessing for safety, and clearing buffs all in one package, making her a great choice as well!

If you're earlier on, you may have to cheese to get your clear and exp. The two absolute best for this in my mind are Bio and Vixen. They both have drain and meter control in their kit, giving them great ways to get through almost any opponnet. Honorable mention to Gang Green, who's arguably better at longshotting than those two, but require careful play, good positioning, and foddering one of your own units in the beginning. Chameleon is also a choice if you're capable of abusing the AI (and if the AI isn't changed anytime soon). Bio is so good for this I'm actually keeping one in gold just for this event!

If none of those are an option but you refuse to lose out on the exp, bleeders are your best hope. BHD is famous for this, being low cost high reward. She also comes with evade if blocking is an issue, and can kite anyone but Val with ease (her dash requires a very precise hit). Her only meter control is in BB3 though, and if you get matched against BBath or anyone with immunity, you'll have significant issues. Any filia can bleed things out, but BHD has a higher natural bleed rate and is tied for cheapest option (Frayed Ends gets a bit more damage but is leaning on bleed in the first place, so not sure I'd pick her). Double with Chaos has everything in her kit, but is as frail as they come. Freaky Friday has both bleed and damage, making her a slightly better option.

Not sure you have a bleeder or damage dealer? Remember to check out the fighter gallery and see if you have anyone capable (shoutouts to Krazete!)

There's probably far more to go over but I wanted to get this guide out asap and don't have time. It was originally going to be a video, but I had no time to edit.

Who have you been using to clear nodes? Having success with anyone I slept on? Any interesting opponents you didn't expect to challenge you? Let us all know in the comments below!
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Feb 15, 2018
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This is really useful. I have been using Class Cutter Filia, Rusty Painwheel, Dark Might Beowulf, and Jawbreaker the most for clearing with 3rd slot being whoever I am trying to level. Anytime beyond the first node I try to solo clear it I have regretted it. I tried using my Assassin's greed Valentine but with the stat increases she cant put out enough damage. Wulfshoot cheesing is an option. Just have to make sure you don't mess up any grab timing as the Ai leaves no room for missteps. I honestly was not expecting this event to be as challenging for just exp. Since it uses different energy from PFs I'm just treating it as a little bonus to what I am already farming thru PFs. I hope it gets tweaked a bit so I can relax a little when farming for EXP in it.