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Characters Evolution Effect Changes

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by You cant beat D, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. You cant beat D

    Sep 29, 2017
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    We know how evolution works, Bronze takes three bronzes, silver takes 4 silvers, gold takes 5 gold.

    I do not think that needs to be changed and it is fine as is.

    However, there are some Changes to evolution i think Could be made for the better.

    1.SA Buffs

    When a character is evolved, their SA Stays exactly the same, while this doesn't mater for gold, this makes some silvers and bronzes absolutely worthless after you surpass them as it's not a good idea to evolve them.

    this can of course be remedied by buffing said characters, but what if a different approach was taken,

    Powering Up The SA Instead? not changing it's ability, but increasing it's overall Effect, similar to purchasing an upgrade node on the skill tree

    i see three possible Ways to do this,

    The first (and my favorite) Is one at a time buffs. they get one increase per Evolution.

    this way balances itself out by Having golds only able to get one buff, silvers Two, and Bronzes Three.

    I'll use rerun peacock as an example,

    at Bronze Her signature ability Give all teammates enrage for 15 seconds on tag in, And reduces the cooldown for tag ins for all teammates by 50%

    Now say we evolve her to silver,

    and now the tag in cool down is reduced by 75%

    Evolve her to gold,

    And Everyone Gets Two stacks of enrage instead,

    Evolver her to Diamond, and now the enrage lasts for 20 seconds

    This would help keep some variants Relevant at higher Tiers, even with them having lower base stats then a natural one.

    For another example, let’s use Nearly departed squiggly

    Evolve her to gold, and now she’ll resurrect teammates with 50% health,

    Evolve her to diamond, and now the invincibility lasts for 10 seconds.

    And one last example let’s use Wulfs bane beowulf,

    Evolve him to Diamond and now, he does 75% bonus damage to enemies with Debuffs.

    My second Idea is an extra layer of the skill tree.

    When you evolve someone They get one extra layer onto their skill tree, i want to say only for the ability part, but it would look kinda weird having that one part jutt out.

    This extra layer would have the next level of sa, though it doesn’t have to be the same size/larger than the other layers, and also wouldn’t be needed for the MA Ability, Whether or not the extra layer would cost as much as a normal tree at that rank would i don’t know.

    And the third Idea is just a one time buff, when you evolve someone, they get buffed just that once, and then that’s their SA’s maximum potential, this would work well with the extra layer of skill tree.

    Now with that, there's another thing about evolving i want to suggest, and that is, evolution shards.

    When you pull a character from mail or relic, you get shards, However you Don’t if you evolve.

    I don’t think you should get the same amount, but i do believe, you should get half (Which i think is 2) of the Shards you would from pulling a character of that rarity.

    That was all i had for now, i do hope these ideas are taken under consideration, Especially that first one, it would be so much fun to find new use in old characters again.
  2. cappatacus

    cappatacus Well-Known Member

    Feb 1, 2018
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    That would be cool, but I'd personally prefer a stat boost to bronzes. Not by much, but just so that when you evolve one to silver, it's at a closer level, and evolving a silver to gold will be a closer match, etc. Because honestly, there's a lot of good bronzes - Sheltered, Cold Stones, Bad Hair Day, Decrypted if she had better stats like Cold Stones, Just Kitten. It just becomes harder to use them as you progress because their low stats get to a point where chip damage will hit you like a brick. I do understand lower stats for them, but it'd be nice to bump them up just a bit.
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