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Bug - Normal Filia's Fenrir Drive misses when stun


Jun 27, 2017
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On Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Android 7.0.

When Filia stun the opponent on the first hit of Fenrir Drive, the opponent will play the stun animation and the rest of the BB3 will miss completely.
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Updating this thread to confirm that as of version 1.4.2 this issue still persist.

I don't know if it's relevant or not, but it happens more often when using Fenrir on opponents that are tagging in.
Interesting.. In my testing, if the first hit stuns they get hit as normal now.

Have you ever come across the first hit stunning but the move fully completing anyway?
Do both results happen if the first hit is a crit? (Sometimes they fall out and the move doesn't complete, sometimes the move works as normal?)

I'll investigate further.
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Liam, once again, tks for the reply!

After a Fenrir filled morning, I can safely say that when I use Fenrir mid battle it will land without problems, despite stunning or not on the first hit! However, when I defeat an opponent and proceed to use Fenrir on the oncoming fighter, before he hit the ground, it will consistenly whiff if the first hit stuns! And only if it stuns, otherwise Fenrir won't whiff at all. I hope this can help!

EDIT: Some players in the chat reported that the exact same happens with Excebella (use upon enemy tagging in + first hit stun leads to whiffing).
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Thanks for the test case! I'll check out both.

Edit: Verified Fenrir stun issue for sure on our latest build, we'll look into fixing it.
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