• [2018/06/22]
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Bug - Normal Getting stunned during a BB


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Jul 11, 2017
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New England
iPhone 6s
iOS 12.0.1
Game Version 2.7.0
So I notice this most reproducibly in the Accursed Experiments node with the "Personal Foul" modifier. Performing a multihit BB that enacts stun in the middle of the BB cancels the BB, and when the stun is applied, hits from the BB seemingly don't cause the enemies to fall or flinch; they instantly respond. My video example shows the issue with Squigly, but I have a suspicion that this issue is not character dependent. Normally, Daisy Pusher ends with the opponent on the ground and has to recover. However, "Personal Foul" activates on the last hit in my video, stunning Squigly, and the enemy Beowulf (still taking the damage) comes out of Daisy Pusher on his feet and responds instantly. In other fights where I've used this Squigly, if Stun gets applied on the first hit of Daisy Pusher, it instantly cancels Daisy Pusher and the opponent again comes out on their feet and able to punish instantly. Now, I can get Stun cancelling BBs midway, but I feel like this doesn't happen with all BBs the same way. Additionally, in examples like the one I've shown, I feel like getting Stun applied shouldn't change the end effect of Daisy Pusher. Even if Squigly gets stunned from that final hit, Beowulf should still be on the ground after the BB and have to rise, instead of coming out of it on his feet. At least, that's how I feel it should be. What happened in the video seems like a bug.

At the very least I hope I can get a response on whether this is intentional when it comes to Stun and BBs, and why some BBs don't cancel from Stun while others do. Thanks.


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May 17, 2017
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"This video is unavailable."

Also, yeah - characters handling stun in different ways is known. Each Blockbuster is comprised of multiple states, and each one of those states has rules defined that determine if a character is allowed to move to the STUN animation. In the case of Daisy Pusher, she should probably not be stunned until the bulk of her animation is fully finished to prevent mishaps like this.

We need to actually make upwards of 100 changes to get things working flawlessly on a case by case basis for Blockbusters, then a TON of QA afterwards... It's something I do want to tackle eventually!