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Resolved Hathor's Return/Sekhmet's return to Eliza

Discussion in 'Known Issues & Bugs' started by Cartouche‼, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Cartouche‼

    Cartouche‼ Active Member

    Feb 11, 2018
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    During the end of Hathor's Return where it looks like Eliza is back to her idle animation, she has an unflinching effect (not buff induced) for a few seconds where she can occasionally be unresponsive. This has happened in the middle of AI attacks and it shows the amount of damage taken but i can't confirm that damage was actually deducted from the health in some way because i was in the middle of the fight.

    The specific scenarios in which this happened, as i recall from memory:
    A. During Big Band's Super Sonic Jazz, Eliza stood there unflinching and unresponsive til the latter portion of SSJ where she started flinching to the hits
    B. During Cerebella's jab combo, Eliza stood there unflinching except i was able to input Eliza's jab and successfully interrupt Cerebella's
    C. During Peacock's Argus Agony, Eliza stood there unflinching and unresponsive til the latter portion of Argus where she started flinching to the hits
    Scenario A may have also happened with Eliza being responsive and me trying to jab him out of SSJ (was unsuccessful :D.)
    In another instance i can't remember, i was able to block whatever multi-hit blockbuster was happening and punish it. May have been Argus Agony, may have been Diamond Dynamo????

    I don't have any recent ones since i've been tip-toeing around this issue when playing Eliza (always playing Eliza.)

    LG G Stylo
    Android 6.0
  2. Psyche

    Psyche Moderator

    Jun 8, 2017
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    Right. I think I understand, but just to check, are you basically saying that at the very end of Sekhmet Mode Eliza sometimes gains an unflinching effect? I know you don't mean the buff, but the effect itself is as though she did?
  3. Liam

    Liam !Robot
    Hidden Variable Dev

    May 17, 2017
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    Is this the bug in question?

    I've attached a time stamp to the time the bug occurs, but it in case it doesn't work, the time is 1:24 when Big Band tags in, but misses Sekhmet.

    There are two things here.
    The first one is the one above where the attack completely misses.
    That's not so bad since she's "running away."

    The second one is the one you are describing where Eliza is unflinching after Sekhmet re-enters Eliza.
    No damage is dealt to her in this state, yet damage numbers are displayed.

    That bug is on our list to look at, thanks for mentioning this!
    It's likely she will retain that unflinching property, but we'll make sure that if damage numbers appear, she actually gets hurt.
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  4. Cartouche‼

    Cartouche‼ Active Member

    Feb 11, 2018
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    It wasn't so much about the health (but if that's not happening correctly, then, by all means), it's about Eliza sometimes responding to inputs and sometimes not during that state. What exactly is supposed to happen during the end of Hathor's Return when receiving consecutive hits that would normally keep one in hitstun throughout?
    My thumbs getting sweaty and phone heating up may have to do with this, but i'll try to record this happening.
    Correct. I think it's an extension of Sekhmet's hyper armour (which i'm fine with.)
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