• [2018/06/22]
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Bug - Normal I just lost my 50+ winstreak due to my fighter being stuck outside of the map in the air for 1 to 2+ minutes

Sep 13, 2021
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250 theonite also lost 50 winstreak down the drain.
Steps as to what happened
I was tagging in and out with my bloodbath eliza to solely use her chaos banish to remove the barrier and immunity buffs had downed 2 of their fighters so far everything going well only summer salt was last one standing
i try tagging out/tagging in from bloodbath to probably double or annie but instead my bloodbath just flys up into the air like ET staying there for til the end of time.
at first i was confused as i thought my fighter was off the map only til later on i started seeing her legs pop up and realized she was just floating up there.
i'm not sure what caused this tbh I do know that when double uses her nightmare legion and is facing a shadow puppet fukua who procs her signature she can sometimes be trapped up in the air being unreachable for the shadow puppet but i'm wondering exactly why this happened to bloodbath during a tag in/tag out.
it basically lost me the game and 250 theonite down the drain as prior to this i had lost a match and came back into the streak with the theo.

i took the photos kinda late tbh i was up in the air for longer then then a minute only after pausing and after some time spent in thought did i bother to think to screenshot.
worst of all is seeing summer salt with 1 hp due to the pf modifiers bleed and me having no way to escape from this state nor damage her.
i was unable to input any commands or do well anything for the 1-2 minutes i spent up in the upper atmosphere

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