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Other I think about "XP Feedback Mechanism"

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Bannou Neko, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. Bannou Neko

    Bannou Neko New Member

    Dec 28, 2017
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    I don't use characters for power up, only for evolve, and I try to get many Skill Points as I can.
    In Prize Fight (gold), I usually use 1~2 Max Lvl of Gold or Diamond to carry low Lvl characters depend on longshot or streak. It take lots of time(8~10hrs/day)!, and Max Lvl characters will waste lots XP
    I think, it might be have a way to recycle those XP for power up non-Max Lvl characters.

    I try not to broken the power up system, and this is my Concept of "XP Feedback Mechanism"

    Use Max Lvl Silver character(1) on Prize Fight Earn 10XP, 3 Max Lvl Gold you get total 30XP
    Use Max Lvl Silver character(1) on Prize Fight Earn 30XP, 3 Max Lvl Gold you get total 90XP
    Use Max Lvl Gold character(1) on Prize Fight Earn 50XP, 3 Max Lvl Gold you get total 150XP
    Use Max Lvl Diamonds character(1) on Prize Fight Earn 80XP, 3 Max Lvl Diamonds you get total 240XP
    When XP reach to 10,000XP it can be turn into a "Pure Soul(whatever) Item" for Bronze/Silver Characters Only

    When player unlock the Prize Fight also unlock XP feedback mechanism
    the reason this XP item can't use on Gold / Diamonds
    * Helps new player to lvl up lower character faster and get more Skill Points
    * Player should Work on Gold / Diamond character, learning how to attack / defense and fighting combos

    P.S. I also consider this on Daily Events and Story, but it will get too many problems. Different difficulty XP, first time finish XP/ redo stage XP...etc

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