• [2018/06/22]
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Other I'm think about fighter experience feed back!

Bannou Neko

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Dec 28, 2017
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After the update, Prize Fight getting more excited and deadly !
Once you triggered streak modifiers, you might just get killed in 30 sec No Mercy!~XD


It is getting harder to lvl up low lvl character in prize fight or event fight (especially Accursed Experiments)
I'm the player wanna get all skill points (max lvl) before I evolve or feed them,
so I think about some experience feed back from your Maximum lvl characters.
For example: you won the fight Max lvl characters get 1000 point maybe 1% of point will be save as credit!
Once you have 1000 credit, you can turn this credit into gem so you can give to low characters help to lvl up!
You might be spent theonite to increase point maximum capacity and percentage you get feed back from max lvl characters!

maybe open a new tag "Boost Lab" with equipments to lvl up some support functions
like is:
feed back(spend theonite to lvl up)
Lvl1 feed back 1%
Lv2 feed back 1,5%
Lv10 feed back ??%
point capacity
Lv1 capacity 2000 pts
Lv2 capacity 4000 pts
Lv10 capacity ?????pts
Gem space
Lv1 10 Gems
Lv2 20 Gems
Lv10 ??? Gems
I got this idea from other games, and I think this might work on skullgirls, so I share my thought.