• [2018/06/22]
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Let's show support to the devs at a time like this


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Jun 24, 2019
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Right now, the skullgirls mobile community is going crazy over an error, giving rift participants a reward that they shouldn't have gotten.

It's understandable that these people are excited and celebrating, and that others are angry and upset.
But no matter how we feel, we should remember that everyone makes mistakes (even big ones), and we should also think of the impact this could have for the developers.

Rewards worth a lot of potential income was given out for free, which may affect how much money is spent on the game in the near future.
And if their source of income is negatively affected, we, the players, are affected as well. Developing new characters is a costly business, and it's funded by money that we spend on the game.

So I have a suggestion:
Those of us who are playing the game regularly and have a few dollars to spare, now is the perfect time to show our support to the amazing developers of Skullgirls Mobile (especially first-time spenders and those of us who got the accidental reward).
It doesn't matter if it's a big or small purchase, anything helps! I'm a bit broke myself but I'll try to at least buy the $5 Egret Recruit pack.
Don't worry if you're in a financial pickle, I'm sure our devs would rather see you have food on the table than give them your last money. As a last resort we can also watch ads in-game to show support!

Without the dev team, we wouldn't be playing this game. And without our support, they wouldn't be able to keep working so hard on continuously adding new stuff to the game.
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Oct 24, 2019
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I've said it before, and I'll say it again: This is the best mobile game I have ever played, and I genuinely believe that the reason why is that the devs have put a lot of hard work in to make it that way!

4.3 might be rocky right now, but I trust the devs to iron out these bugs in due time. I may not have too much experience coding (only a comp sci minor), but I learned even in that amount of time that bug squashing never goes quite the way you want it to, and sometimes bugs slip through no matter how long you spend on it. I've heard the phenomenon of users finding really obscure edge-case bugs compared to the "infinite monkeys on infinite typewriters will eventually recreate the works of Shakespeare through pure chance" theorem; having so many people poking at the app in so many ways will find bugs that a small dev team couldn't find even if they spent years just on bug testing. Like the recent Rift issue, which I'm certain was partially due to so many people participating having a huge slowdown effect on the calculations needed to determine the ranks, which is not something that could've happened on just a little private test server.

So it's important to remember that the devs are trying their best to keep this game great, despite everything that's going on right now! Both in the game and in real life, since I'm certain there have been some hangups that we never heard about that happened IRL just because of how the world is at the moment.