• [2018/06/22]
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Collection More control about elemental shard rewards in Master Dailies


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Jun 23, 2017
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Looking at my stash of elemental essences and shards, i noticed how all were mostly at the same amount.
I generally have 1 full essence and roughly 500 shards of each element saved up. So instead of being able to focus at one element at a time, all your ressources are evenly spread across all elements instead.

This means that for months players will not have access to any diamond fighters for lack of essences, but then suddenly will get access to one of each element all at once (or one new one each weekend).

Letting players choose what element they would like to work towards first and limiting the shards gained from Master dailies to that element would alleviate this "all at once or nothing at all" approach to current diamond evolves, spreading out how often you get new diamond fighters over longer periods of time, but at the same making them a little more achievable at the start.

One system i think may be interesting is giving out elemental shards that are of the same element of the fighter that you used for the Master treasure nodes. So for example during Painwheel's Dailies i use Blooddrive Painwheel on both treasure nodes and get 2 x 20 Fire Elemental shards in return. Since the Final node will have you use multiple fighters however, that one could possibly still give out 10 random shards as it does now instead.

Of note is of course that players will first gain 3 random essence when they first beat Accursed Experiments, but depending on your luck you may not have any fighters of that element you want to make a diamond of, which is the situation i am in.