• [2018/06/22]
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Other More Missions + slight tweaks


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Jul 11, 2018
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Hi Hey Howdy How are ya? As I was playing in Skullgirls Mobile I started thinking about the Missions. The Missions system is a great and fairly easy way of obtaining theonite to progress through the the game. So I thought it would be fun to create or tweak some Missions so that the game can be even more diverse and fun

I don’t have allot for this section other than the “Use # of fighters to get Theo” mission. Take for example the Gold digger mission. All you have to do is play with Gold fighters in five rounds to get 15 theonite. This is Immensely fair so I like this mission. However there are other missions like this that require you to play twenty gold fighter rounds to get 25 theonite. Shouldn’t it be going up by five every time. So like play 10 Gold rounds to get 20 theo, 15 for 25, and 20 for 30. Cause Lord knows I can’t do the “best a team x4 of your fighter score” for the life of me.

Another thing that I don’t think is active now but would be cool is the ability to do one extra mission a day. What I mean is everyday you have the option to set aside one mission and get another if you can’t do this. I think it would be cool if after completing one of the three missions without defeating any, you would be able to play an extra mission after accepting your theonite because you didn’t delete any. A small thought but one that could be cool in the future.
To make my post easier to read I’ve broken it up into three sections.

New Missions:
Some additions for new missions I have are
•Well Rounded-play # with a team of bronze silver and gold- like 15 theonite generally
• Randy Rivals- play # matches of Double against Eliza ( other characters coudl be substituted in and if you don’t have these fighters yet this mission wouldn’t appear) like 10 Theo generally
•Friends close- play # of rounds with the advantage at the end- like 10 Theo
•Enemy’s Closer- play # of rounds with the diavantage at the end- like 15 Theo
•T.K.O.- play # of rounds with only One fighter left - like 20 Theo
•K.O.- play # of rounds with two fighters left- like 15 Theo
•Backup Squad- play # of matches with all fighters left- like 15 Theo
•Rewind- replay # fights using only Bronze (maybe silver) fighters- 15 Theo
•Masterful Mind,Expert Equilibrium, Advanced AI,Basic Brain, Acursed Curses- Fully complete or best # of fight in these modes (If you already beat AE then that mission would not appear, usually it would appear on the last day of AE)- starts at 10 Theo and goes up by five for each mode.
•Pity- win or lose 1 fight- 5 theonite

Obviously we do not need new missions or tweaks to old missions at all. Though it would be nice if we got some new ones in the future to up the diversity. So if your looking for something new to add other than fighters and bug fixes why not more missions? New tips or jokes on the loading menu would be nice too, but that’s a post for another day. That being said I hope someone out there enjoyed reading this and that everyone has fun trying to beat that 4x fighter Mission....
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