• [2018/06/22]
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Other More Solo Endgame Content


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Sep 12, 2018
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Albuquerque, New Mexico

It has become apparent to myself and other veteran players in the community that SGM as a whole has a deficient solo endgame experience after completing the story content/match challenges. Let's first look at every piece of repeating content currently in SGM:
Prize Fights: Grind points to get rewards and experience. Mods on each PF don't change unless the devs patch in a change(s) to one.
Daily Events: Spend tickets to get rewards and/or experience. Mods don't change on these events, and character dailies can be skipped.
Rift Battles: Grind rating to potentially get the best rewards in the game but without gaining experience. Five sets of mods for the map that cycle weekly in the same order.
While these modes aren't unplayable garbage in and of themselves (Rift has balance issues but those have been talked about by others and isn't the point of this post), they have become rather monotonous as it has been 3 years since the last piece of story content was added, and 2 years since the last completely new piece of repeatable content in Holodeck Hazards. While adding new characters and variants can be fun for a little while, they get old fast because there isn't any new content outside of any new event PFs or character PFs to use them in. My suggestion is to add new pieces of both story and repeatable content to give the playerbase more to work toward and do.

Story Content

First and easiest would be to add Master difficulty to the other currently existing character origin stories. That alone would be seven additional acts of story content for the playerbase to enjoy and get substantial rewards from. Next would be adding a brand new main story chapter. This new chapter would have the highest power scaling of any main story chapter, with Expert scaling to maxed out gold characters and Master being focused around maxed diamond characters while still having the element and character restrictions of other Master main story content to continue the theme of box diversity. New character origin stories would be great as well, and in the future after they are all caught up new characters that come out could be bundled with a new origin story to serve as content that they can be used in.

Repeatable Content

While the upcoming guilds will undoubtably come with new repeatable content for the guild to do together, the solo side of repeatable content could still use something new. My suggestion would be to add a "tower" mode to the Daily Events tab. The "tower" mode is an archetype of gacha game content that is long form and on a monthly reset where the player climbs through a series of fights to earn better rewards than standard daily events over the course of the month. The mode would serve as another source of Canopy Coins and F2P Theonite among other rewards, while also being overall more challenging than other forms of repeating content through either a difficulty curve that rises as you climb or having difficulty modes for different tiers of players.


SGM as a game has a lot going for it gameplay wise within the mobile fighter space compared to the competition as the combo system is robust and has more room for creativity than anything else on the market. However, its greatest weakness that keeps it from rising above licensed games like MK Mobile, Injustice, or MCOC is a lack of endgame content that leads to eventual player loss after the story content is done. Hopefully what I have laid out above can set the devs on a road to giving the players content to go with Black Dahlia and Marie instead of just characters that have nowhere to really go aside from the well beaten path.
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