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Fights New PF rewards for top10

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by RGMShaid, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. RGMShaid

    RGMShaid Member

    Sep 9, 2018
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    PF rewards that will encourage players to play like there's an event.

    We all know that players are playing more if there's an event cause of the rewards.

    Then, we have PFs with top10 rewards that aren't too far from the top10% rewards. Hence, players aren't too motivated to fight for higher scores.

    As a result, we see fewer attempts on our PF defense, fewer teams with score multipliers and lower scores for top10% and the likes. However, when there's an event, we have more people who attempts on our defenses, more teams with multipliers, and a challenging score to climb-up for better rewards.

    For this reason, why not have a PF rewards that will encourage players to fight for top10? It may also motivate players to play bronze and silver PFs more - I'm not playing bronze and silver PFs anymore so maybe other players too.

    What would be the rewards that may make us fight for the top?

    SHINY reward

    Imagine getting a Shiny Bronze, Shiny Silver and Shiny Gold for becoming a top10 or even top3 in standard PFs.

    It would be a bloody battle for top score.

    I hope this will happen.

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  2. Hall☆weenQueen

    Hall☆weenQueen Well-Known Member

    Nov 22, 2017
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    As much as I understand where you're coming from I will have to respectfully disagree. Getting top 10% is really a later game player goal that most can meet just fine but anyone else (such as mid to early players) would really need to play hard to achieve the same scores. Many players complain that the scores are much too high because they're so competitive, so the Devs made the AI more challenging to fight so that the score can go down a bit and players need to work harder to get top 10%. Events are meant to be more appealing and have better rewards because they only come around several times a year. Rarer event= rarer rewards.

    Concerning the prize fight rewards, I'd say they're fine. Getting a good fighter will help get you one step closer to a diamond, which is one reason top players still play and shoot for top 10%. There's also been some talk about a diamond prize fight, so I'm sure that will come with it's own challenges and high level rewards.

    I agree not many players bother with the bronze or silver prize fights, but they're really meant for earlier game players. The fight modifiers are much easier and the rewards are more attainable. Remember that even though we want to keep the game interesting for late game players, it should never be at the expense of newer player experience.

    You're definitely onto something but I think the diamond prize fight satisfy a lot of the things you brought up.
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  3. DJ TécHH 89 E.M.X

    DJ TécHH 89 E.M.X New Member

    Jan 1, 2019
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    Honestly, exotic fighters were unnecessary and to a certain extent ...
    That is, if you already have a diamond fighter to the maximum and without the possibility of strengthening.
    Can't you make it exotic?
    ..you have to have another diamond in that case ..
    I'm not complaining about the silver or gold bronze .. [well if there are exceptions]
    But regardless of the "luck" you have, there are not many who manage to reach 10% better reward and much less rank 1-10.
    So it is not that you are encouraged or want to play more to get a high score in Prize Fights.
    It is that you have to have by law if you want to reach a high percentage.
    To the best fighters that the game offers.
    And knowing how to use them squeezing their active and passive skills.
    That is why many fail to have a generous reward.
    And I don't blame them.
    I have been in this game since version 0. and the time it took me to reach the level and gamma of fighters that I currently have.
    It has taken me many and many hours within the game.
    There's no more.
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