• [2018/06/22]
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New Team Concept: Xenomorph, Unholy Host, Dark Might


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Dec 14, 2021
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I had a thought about this new team that might work very well both defensively and offensively. Please note that I don't have an Unholy Host, so this is all theoretical and based on my extensive usage of the other two characters combined with many matches against Unholy Host. Here's why I chose each one:

Xenomorph- three stacks of bleed on kill motivates your opponent to tag out Double as soon as possible. However, this is a trap. Tagging out Xenomorph means that Unholy Host has a very solid chance of being tagged in, which is exactly what Unholy Host wants. While Dark Might has a chance of coming in instead, the rewards greatly outweighs the risk. If Xenomorph is left in, she can deal Doom to her opponent, meaning they have to choose between killing Double and suffering three stacks of bleed, three stacks of power surge, and curse (all permanent), or dying of Doom.

Unholy Host- if your opponent has immunity, final stand, or can apply hex to Xenomorph, tag Unholy Host in (unless the hex is coming from Red Velvet), then get Xenomorph back in as soon as possible to reap the reward that comes with curse. Its long duration will give both of Unholy Host's teammates opportunities to take a serious advantage. Not only will Unholy Host drain 1% HP/sec, she will also clear any buffs the opponent might have. This guarantees that Dark Might and Xenomorph's abilities will come into play, meaning that Unholy Host will be taking a much more supportive role for her team while still being able to stand on her own.

Dark Might- if Unholy Host has already applied Curse to an opponent and Xenomorph is dead, it is possible to take advantage of it by tagging Dark Might. His ability to make blockbusters and special moves unblockable if his opponent is suffering from curse makes situations where your team is losing that much easier to make a comeback. This should only be at times when it is absolutely necessary and when you're winning by such a wide margin that tagging him in won't risk a loss. Dark Might should, in almost every situation, still be at the back of the team. His ability to strengthen Xenomorph's special ability and increase tag-anxiety is a vital tool that your team will lose permanently after his death.

Cons- this team is not invincible. While Unholy Host- and Xenomorph when Volatility is equipped- can heal, Dark Might cannot. Additionally, there is no way to revive anyone on the team unless a fight condition would assist in that. There are a few counters to this team that I can think of off the top of my head. They are: Death Wish (I don't feel like I have to explain this), any character with damage reflection, Frayed Ends (high chance of applying a lot of bleed at once), Class Cutter (same reason), Terror Byte (reverse polarity counters Unholy Host), Red Velvet (hex that cannot be tagged out against), any Fukua with Prestige (heal block is a problem for Unholy Host), Corrosive Agent (barrier negates Xenomorph's bleed if Dark Might dies first) and Splitting Image (permanent immunity and health regen when at lower health than her opponent).

Pros- there is a way to counter a lot of the counters to this team: No Time to Die. Unholy Host has the ability to become an unkillable tank that, when played on defense, will become a massive time-sink. That's a big part of this team's strength is that it does fantastically in a war of atrition. With so many opportunities to drain opponent health, even if they have regenerative support, Unholy Host can outlast them easily. This strategy is already being used in Rift Battles and Prize Fights, but with Xenomorph and Dark Might behind her, Unholy Host can either be a support for Xenomorph or an unstoppable monster in her own right.

Tell me what you think of my idea. If you like it and you have these three characters at max-level, try it out. See what happens. I hope I didn't ruin this for casuals.