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OFFICIAL: 3.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

Discussion in 'Official News & Announcements' started by Liam, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. Liam

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    Hidden Variable Dev

    May 17, 2017
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    Hey everyone!

    Our 3.1 update is just about ready, and we're planning on releasing sometime next week! Here's the full breakdown of everything to look forward to!

    UPDATE - 02/27/2019

    A new update has been released! Here are the fixes that are now live:

    • Fixed an issue where Parasoul - PRIMED wasn't applying BLEED when detonated tears hit the opponent.
    • Fixed an issue where opening the Cabinet of Curiosities would sometimes lead to an endless loading screen.
    • Fixed an issue where Cerebella's Marquee Ability 2 (RING LEADER) was errantly updated to reset DEBUFF durations. This has been removed.
    • Fixed an issue where Squigly - DEAD OF WINTER wasn't receiving ARMOR stacks after reviving.
    • Fixed an issue where Big Band - RESONANT EVIL was able to activate STUN on the same frame that he received ARMOR... again.
    • Fixed an issue where AI Parasoul fighters were able to receive a version of her taunt from the tutorial, which applied ARMOR instead of IMMUNITY.
    • Fixed an issue where Fighter Scores were not being increased by ATK and HP bonuses from modifiers. This meant that fights in Rift Battles and Prize Fights where opponents had their stats boosted by modifiers didn't have their Fighter Scores visibly increased, making them look easier than they actually were!

    UPDATE - 02/22/2019

    We've released a 3.1.1 hotfix for ANDROID USERS ONLY, which addresses a client side login bug with Facebook, preventing players from accessing data under Facebook accounts.

    We are also in the middle of rolling out a change that fixes an issue where the "First Fighter Use" bonus in Rift Battles was incorrectly calculated using fighters not present in the fight. This fix is server side, and it will be present on iOS and aOS devices at the same time. We'll update this post again when the change is live!

    Rift Battle Changes
    Per your feedback from our Rift Battle survey in December, we've made a ton of updates and improvements to Rift Battles!

    Revised Energy Logic

    Huge changes have been made to how energy works in Rift Battles. You can now use Fighters TWICE before they are fully drained and out of energy.


    After a Fighter is out of energy, they can no longer be refreshed using Theonite.

    One of the reasons we made this change was to help players of all levels and Collection sizes have the tools needed to reasonably finish most or all of a Rift Battle map.

    However, we understand that late game players enjoy the strategy behind only being able to use a Fighter once. To preserve that dynamic, you'll receive bonus points every time you win a fight using a Fighter that has full energy. Using that Xenomorph twice? You're sacrificing points!
    Map & Modifier Changes

    We've tuned most of the modifiers that are placed on nodes in Rift Battles! You can find a full list of all of the changes below:


    List of nodes that have received changes:

    NODE 2
    • Removed
      • Initiative - Using a BLOCKBUSTER reduces the opponent's BLOCKBUSTER METERS by 100%
    • Added
      • Half Time - Gain 5 stacks of REGEN for 6 seconds when health drops below 50%
    NODE 3
    • Removed
      • Instant Replay - 50% chance when using a SPECIAL MOVE for the cooldown to immediately refresh
    • Added
      • Transducer - HITS quickly build BLOCKBUSTER METER if the opponent is blocking
    NODE 4
    • Removed
      • Nerve Agent - 100% bonus damage if opponent is STUNNED
    • Added
      • Inertia - TAG-IN attacks are UNBLOCKABLE and grant UNFLINCHING for 5 seconds.
    NODE 5 (BOSS)
    • Removed
      • Assassin - 200% ATK
      • Goliath - 200% HP
      • Sacrosanct - TRANSFER all DEBUFFS back to the opponent when they are not at an ELEMENTAL ADVANTAGE.
    • Added
      • Slayer - 150% ATK
      • Juggernaut - 150% HP
      • House Advantage - While at an ELEMENTAL ADVANTAGE, gain 5% BLOCKBUSTER METER per second
      • Final Curse - Upon DEATH, inflict the opponent with 3 negative COMBAT EFFECTS (excluding STUN) for 10 seconds
    NODE 10
    • Removed
      • Perfect Block - Take no damage while blocking
    • Added
      • Biofeedback - When an opponent lands a CRITICAL HIT, 50% of the damage will be reflected back.
    Per Fight Currency Rewards

    Instead of receiving a bundle of Rift Coins just for participating in a battle (assuming you reached the minimum score requirement), you will now receive Rift Coins for every Node that is cleared, scaled by your Rift Rank.

    Rookie - 1 Rift Coin per cleared node
    Bronze - 2 Rift Coins per cleared node
    Silver - 3 Rift Coins per cleared node
    Gold - 4 Rift Coins per cleared node
    Diamond - 5 Rift Coins per cleared node
    Phenom - 5 Rift Coins per cleared node
    Hero - 5 Rift Coins per cleared node
    Legend - 5 Rift Coins per cleared node
    As a result, there will always be an incentive to clear as many fights as possible on a given Rift Battle map. In addition, the amount of possible Rift Coins that you can earn per Rift Battle is now much higher.​
    Scoring Changes

    We've made some changes to some of the scoring bonuses that can be earned through Rift Battles!



    NO DEATHS - Reduced from +500 to +250 (so it's no longer equivalent to losing a battle outright)
    TOP COMBO - No longer requires you to hit a certain combo threshold. Instead, you receive one point per combo hit in your highest combo that fight (max 50).
    FIRST FIGHTER USE - Awards +250 points on victory for every fighter you used that had full energy (up to +750 on 3v3 fights). If you're reusing fighters a second time, you'll miss out on a lot of points!
    Updated Rift Battle Season Rewards

    We've updated the Rift Battle Season rewards to include more keys and shards at lower levels, and we've tuned the rewards received at the top of the ladder.

    • Bronze 2/3/4 now include Gold Shards.
    • All tiers have increased Gold Shards.
    • Silver 3/4 now receive Bronze Keys in addition to Silver Keys.
    • All tiers have increased Gold Shards.
    • All tiers now include Diamond Shards!
    • Gold 3/4 now receive Silver Keys in addition to Gold Keys.
    • Decreased Gold Shards across all tiers.
    • Adjusted Diamond Shards across all tiers.
    • Diamond 3/4 now receive Gold Keys in addition to Diamond Keys.
    • Slightly decreased Gold Shards across all tiers.
    • Slightly decreased Diamond Shards across all tiers.
    • Slightly decreased Diamond Keys across all tiers.
    Tier Sorting Fixes

    In 3.1, all players below 1050 Rift Rating will always be placed into the ROOKIE tier, and they will be excluded from percentile rank calculations at the end of a season. The Diamond 4 tier will also now start at top 200, instead of top 1%.

    These two changes will make placing into the higher tiers much more competitive.
    Top Player Rating Reset

    Any player that ends a season with a Rift Rating over 2000 will have their Rift Rating reset to 2000 to start the next season. Players will have to climb back to the top of the mountain each week if they want the juiciest rewards

    Some players at the very top of the ladder are also having trouble finding matches. Resetting everyone to a particular rating will help prevent scenarios where one player travels too far in one direction where they can't be fought any more.​
    Rift Battle End of Season Downtime

    There will now be a 1-hour delay between the end of one Rift Battle Season and the start of a new season to give the system time to process Rating updates and rewards.
    Rift Battle Pre 3.1 Downtime

    In preparation for these changes, there will need be some Rift Battle downtime. We will share more details on this in the near future.
    Keep in mind this is only our first round of Rift Battle changes - we have plenty of other changes planned for the future, and we'll continue to tweak and tune Rift Battles until they're feeling just right, like we did with Prize Fights.

    Fighter Tuning

    We've got another round of Fighter tuning changes arriving in 3.1! Here are a list of major changes, with before and after descriptions. If a square is blank, then nothing was changed.


    Chinese Localization

    As of 3.1, you'll be able to enjoy Skullgirls Mobile in simplified Chinese! You can change your language settings from the GAMEPLAY section of the OPTIONS menu at any time.

    Here's a peek at the main menu...


    Economy Changes

    Character Upgrade Bundles
    • These bundles are now cheaper and feature Skill Points and Canopy Coins (and no keys)
    • These bundles will not only trigger when acquiring a character, but also when you max out a character's Skill Tree (unlocking access to their Marquee Ability).
    Cabinet of Curiosities
    • Refresh price has been reduced from 50 > 25 Theonite.
    • The TREASURES tab has been updated to include smaller denominations of Silver/Gold Shards, Elemental Shards, Skill Points, and Bronze/Silver/Gold Keys.
    Skill Tree Updates
    • All Skill Tree Theonite unlock costs have been temporarily reduced by ~50%! Now's a great time to use Theonite to upgrade your Fighters!
    • Marquee Ability swapping now uses Skill Points instead of Theonite:
      • Bronze: 100 SP
      • Silver: 200 SP
      • Gold: 500 SP
      • Diamond: 1000 SP
    Misc Changes
    • All players will now receive 100 free Rift Coins when reaching player level 25.
    Prize Fight Schedule
    • For those who missed it, the two day Medici Prize Fight will continue to run every other week, but the single day Medici Prize Fight will now run every SUNDAY. More Canopy Coins! These changes were rolled out on February 10th.
    Improvements and Bug Fixes


    • We've made some SERIOUS optimizations and stability improvements for 3.1! TONS of data is now dynamically loaded and unloaded to help facilitate this.
    • This will drastically reduce the amount of crashes that players experience on low end devices.
    • We have also removed the AUTUMN and HIDDEN VARIABLE splash screens every time the game launches to speed that up a bit. Every second counts!
    Guest Accounts
    • Robo-Fortune will now yell at you on the main menu for not securing your data with a login binding every few days if you continue to use a Guest account. She takes data security very seriously.
    • Fight Assist can now be hidden during combat by unchecking "Show Fight Assist" from the gameplay options menu.
    • Super Shadows can now be disabled during gameplay by unchecking "Super Shadows" from the gameplay options menu. This setting also saves several MB of memory, reducing crashes for low end devices.


    • Fixed a bug where the AI would reversal with an attack (L1, Throw, Trip, Dash Attack, Launcher, etc) if they blocked a hit while they weren't RIGHT beside the opponent. This fixes TONS of issues where the AI would accidentally get hit while they were blocking attacks. This also fixes an issue where they will always do something dumb after blocking a projectile from far away. Be sure to adjust your tactics accordingly!
    • AI will no longer start a BB3 if the opponent is dead. This should prevent the scenario where they BB3 your next character before they have a chance to act. While this occurrence should be more rare in 3.1, this behavior was not fully removed. We'll do our best to get this resolved for 3.2!
    All Characters
    • Bursts will now knockdown on hit. This prevents the opponent from recovering before you and punishing you even when you used the Burst correctly. This also allows for more combo routes and opportunities.
    • Knockback attacks can now be cancelled into Specials and Blockbusters on HIT. If they are blocked, or they miss completely, they cannot be cancelled. Go find some new combo routes!
    • Fixed an issue where stunning and hitting a character during their landing frames would only stun them without launching them. Most common example is when Parasite Weave stuns with her BB3 - Fenrir Drive on the first hit.
    • Being stunned no longer uses up your once per combo stagger. Excellabella > Stun > Combo > Launcher > Pummel Horse will now stagger, for example.
    • Fixed an issue where the point character could teleport backwards behind a reviving opponent, if the opponent reviving behind them died facing up, not down.
    • BB - Airwulf now has invincibility on start up until active frames.
    • Fixed an issue where Beowulf would do bonkers damage to Ms. Fortune if he threw her into her own head.
    Big Band
    • Heavy Metal
      • Increased the distance that is considered to be a "close-range attack". Maximum distance to activate SA1 increased from 200 to 350. This makes a big difference, and you should see his SA activating more often.
    • Megasonic
      • Fixed a bug where Megasonic's ENRAGE SA wasn't activated when blocking projectiles.
    • Fixed an issue where Cerebella was able to die while benefiting from Final Stand.
    • Marquee Ability 1 will only activate ONCE per throw. Pummel Horse for example no longer instantly drains the opponent's entire meter.
    • Heavy Handed
      • Fixed an issue where Heavy Handed would receive UNFLINCHING when receiving 5 stacks of a different modifier, such as PRECISION.
    • Removed errant throw invincibility on one of Double's hitstun states.
    • Eliza is no longer invincible during her transformation animation from Sekhmet back into Eliza.
    • Dash Attack
      • Eliza will now start her Dash Attack immediately when she is far away from her opponent (instead of going into her Dash) as long as she is in range for the Dash Attack to hit.
      • Eliza cancels her Dash into her Dash Attack when she is further away, instead of waiting to be almost touching her opponent.
      • Decreased start up. It's MUCH faster!
    Ms. Fortune
    • Ms. Fortune's AI will have a longer cooldown period in between issuing head commands, making her a little bit easier to handle.
    • Fixed an issue where AI Ms. Fortune could sometimes unfairly command her head while she was blocking.
    • Fixed an issue where BB3 - Fifth of Dismember could miss.
    • Both BB - Om Nom Nom (head on), and BB - Feral Edge (launcher) are now invincible until after the active frames of the attack's startup. This prevents these two attacks from trading blows.
    • Knockback is now a true blockstring, with no gaps in between.
    • Fixed a bug where Painwheel could avoid damage by inputting a command the moment she was hit while in Flight mode.
    • Fixed an issue where Painwheel could grab opponents when screaming after whiffing her tag-in attack.
    • Fixed a bug where Painwheel could be interrupted during her throw by stun. Fixes this tragic issue... [LINK]
    • Fixed an issue where BB - Death Crawl would not turn around when being used after an Air Juggle, missing most hits, and teleporting backwards after.
    • BB - Canopy Bounce now true combos and does not reset the combo counter. This move will restore the ability to hit the opponent "Off The Ground", if it was already used once before in the combo.
    • Summer Salt
      • Fixed an issue where Summer Salt's SA2 only removed 1 DEBUFF from herself instead of all of them.
    • Untouchable
      • SA1 and SA2 will now activate at the same time as long as their SA levels are in sync (per the SA description).
    • That's All Folks!
      • Fixed a bug where her SA2 would stop functioning when allies were defeated.
    • The energy ball from BB - Inferno of Leviathan, vanishes immediately when a BB3 is used to prevent it from interrupting the attack.
    • Trip...
      • No longer immediately appears at the opponent's feet when charged. Charged trip behaves similarly to uncharged trip, but with more hits, range, and speed.
      • Knocks the opponent into the air at a lower height, so they land quicker.
      • Speed at which the tail retracts from the earth when charged was reduced.
    • Bio-Exorcist
      • SA1 DRAIN can no longer kill the opponent.
    • BB - Laryngectomy now true combos and does not reset the combo counter. This move will restore the ability to hit the opponent "Off The Ground", if it was already used once before in the combo.
    • Assassin's Greed
      • Fixed an issue where Assassin's Greed could heal while she was dead, making her immortal if the opponent was suffering from BLEED.
    Relic Opening
    • Added tons of cool new glows and emission effects to Relics on the Relic opening screen. Check em out!
    Cabinet of Curiosities
    • Fixed the issue where you could receive an item different from the one you purchased in the Cabinet of Curiosities. If you experience this bug again after 3.1, please let us know!
    • Fixed the issue where the Cabinet would sometimes open with all sorts of lovely looking debug UI.
    • Fixed the issue where the Cabinet button on the Main Menu would sometimes appear veerrrrryyy tiny.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause players to log out of their account when experiencing a network error. Particularly troublesome for those Guest users out there!
    • Players will now receive mail when they fail to place in the top 100 for a Medici Prize Fight, like other Prize Fights.
    • Chat can now be accessed from Rift Battle lobby. Talk with the great scholars and philosophers of channel 0 while you wait to find an opponent!
    • Fixed an issue where chat messages could break if using a specific character sequence.
    • Chat character count increased from 100 to 200.
    • Fixed an issue where the chat would stop displaying message history and enter a glitched state when suspending the app, then returning to it.
    • Added a new default chatroom for players with their language set to Chinese.
    • Precision
      • Projectile hits now correctly prevent defensive SA's from firing.
    • House Advantage
      • No longer applies to opponents that are on the bench. Only the point character will receive meter.
    • In The Red Corner (Beowulf Daily)
      • No longer displays a constant stream of IMMUNE text when the character benefiting from it is CURSED.
    • Inertia (Big Band Daily / Rift Battles Boss Node)
      • Reduced duration of UNFLINCHING to 5 seconds.
    Card Art
    • Increased quality of card art character poses on all cards. Massive reduce in pixelation seen on cards which were more "zoomed in" than others.
    • Fixed an issue where some characters were using incorrect color maps on their fighter cards, resolving some small color issues.
    • Fixed an issue where Fighters were tinted yellow on Final Atrium when lighting was disabled.
    Sound Effects
    • A huge tuning pass was made on all UI sounds. Also added a bunch of new sound effects that play when tapping on main menu buttons.
    Fight Logic
    • Fixed an issue where the game could soft lock if one player was supposed to play their outro animation, but they couldn't because they were dead, or busy performing another action.
    • Characters no longer shake during hitstop if they are frozen by a cinematic Blockbuster "super flash".
    Combat HUD
    • Fighter health is now displayed as a percentage on the health bar. You can tap a health bar to toggle this behavior.
    Rift Battle Opponent Progress
    • Fixed an issue where "attempts" on a node in Rift Battles wasn't updating correctly on the client if you quit the app mid fight.
    • ATTEMPTS now increments when you start a fight, not when the fight ends!
      • NOTE: This means that seeing "ATTEMPTS: 1" doesn't mean your opponent has lost that node, they could just be in the middle of a battle!
    UI Improvements and Fixes
    • Skill Points in the Cabinet of Curiosities now display the character name instead of just saying "Skill Points".
    • Modifier screen on Rift Battles has been changed to mention "ATTACKER vs DEFENDER" instead of "PLAYER vs ENEMY".
    • Added new logic to prevent the player from tapping various UI elements in the Rift Battles tutorial when it wasn't time to tap them.
    • Fixed an issue where Rift Rating was errantly increased on the VICTORY pop up where your new Rift Rating was displayed.
    • You can tap on the portrait of your enemy in a Rift Battle lobby to view their profile.
    • Skulls have been added to the bottom of character portrait UI, to represent rarity.

    • Canopy Coin related offers is no longer have an icon facing the wrong direction on the main menu.
    • Progress towards Silver, Gold, or Diamond Relic will not display as 100% when you have less than 1000 shards. (Ex: 997 shards).
    • Fixed an issue when tapping on a character card during the results screen wouldn't take you to the character details screen.
    • Fixed an issue where Mission pop ups would display multiple times on the rewards screen.
    Initial Download Screen
    • Squigly and Ms. Fortune have had download art and bio added to the initial download screen.
    • Added "Tap to View Next Bio" on download screen, increased duration between each bio cycle, and tuned character bio text and formatting.
    Hidden Variable
    • We're growing! We have two job postings available on our website for any highly skilled individuals out there who are interested:
    • AlmightyBones
      • Fixed an issue where his mustache would gather too much moisture on rainy days. Implemented wax feature to help mitigate liquid build up.
    • Evolved the coffee machine and fully upgraded its Marquee Ability, it's much better.
    • Pulled a new bagel slicer tool from a 10 + 1 opening and added it to the kitchen area.

    While Robo-Fortune won't be arriving in 3.1, you can expect her to join the cast of playable characters for 3.2. More news on that soon!


    That's all for now, thanks for sticking around to the end!

    Make sure to keep an eye on our social media for more news about upcoming updates after 3.1 releases:

    In case you missed it, you can also check out our plans and goals for 2019 in this thread here:

    We're super excited about the future for Skullgirls in 2019, and we can't wait to share more with you soon! If you have any questions about the update, or you have any feedback, feel free to drop us a line on the forums.

    Until next time,

    ~ Hidden Variable Studios ~
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  2. Tom Kulczewski

    Tom Kulczewski Active Member

    Jun 8, 2017
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  3. Highondopamine

    Highondopamine New Member

    Jan 5, 2019
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    Love the changes to Raw Nerv, not hat I have a maxed one or anything...
    The changes to rifts are very welcome, the game continues to improve with every patch.
  4. Ryouhi

    Ryouhi Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2017
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    Currently traveling and i dont want to write my usual long pist on a piddly phone keyboard so i'll have to do that later today :p

    For now i'll say i was hoping Robo would have been included in this upfate, but 3.2 shouldt be too far off so i'll just have to hold off a little longer i guess heh
    .Other changes look promising however!
  5. TasiaChaan

    TasiaChaan Active Member

    Jun 28, 2018
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    It's great to know that Rift Battles had some changes but I cannot open the Career link
  6. Kassem Shour

    Kassem Shour Active Member

    Nov 28, 2017
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    Great job developers, can't wait to try all the new stuff out, BUT I'm even more excited for Robo-Fortune to eventually be released soon. HYPE- LEVEL has risen.
  7. Beldr447

    Beldr447 Active Member

    Jun 19, 2017
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    Goodbye diamond 4, it was nice while it lasted. On the other hand it will be easier to climb.
    And is node 6 (armor node) still a 200% increase? That makes it more menacing than boss node itself
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  8. Fel

    Fel wuf

    Jul 16, 2017
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    Best patch 10/10
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  9. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Jun 29, 2017
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    Thank god!
  10. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Jun 29, 2017
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    Few things on the fighter tuning

    Bad ms. Frosty
    I WAS going to diamond her. now I can save my breath. She can stay my silver pf fodder.

    Instead it’s high time to build myself a scared stiff.

    It saddens me the nerfs in armed forces and primed but it’s inevitable and I understand.
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  11. TesChingando

    TesChingando New Member

    Feb 16, 2019
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    Wait, does that mean that those who are at gold # now will most likely drop to lower ranks?
    Rip, right when I was about to get Gold 2 :(
    Still ok, cause I know these changes are for the better, maybe it was just too much players receiving too much free rewards. Cause Rift gives a lot of stuff. If sending me and others back to silver is the best for the game's economy, so be it.

    Anyways, the update looks good. I absolutely love all those seemingly *small* but nonetheless very important polishing aspects. Game just keeps getting better and better, thanks!

    Also Robo Fortune hype, guess I'll *try* to save my relics and theo for one more update. Let's see if I'm able to not open them early lol
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  12. tom641

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    May 30, 2017
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    "In 3.1, all players below 1050 Rift Rating will always be placed into the ROOKIE tier, and they will be excluded from percentile rank calculations at the end of a season. The Diamond 4 tier will also now start at top 200, instead of top 1%."

    noooo prize fights is rough enough nowadays don't add point bloat to rift battles too
  13. theLoneskull

    theLoneskull Active Member

    Jul 24, 2018
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    Well goodbye to diamond 4. It was fun while it lasted. At the same time though, I think I'm ok with just because I still get some diamond shards in Gold 1. And at the rate I'm losing Rift Battles, I'd end up in Gold 1 anyway. Plus more gold shards so woop woop. More gold relics for me

    Primed isn't really gonna be any different. No one detonates the tears for the bleed anyway. Because massive critical damage is more valuable than like, 3 5 second bleeds.
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  14. Reshiram18

    Reshiram18 Well-Known Member

    Sep 12, 2018
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    I am happy to see a change to That's All Folks, but unfortunately it is not the change she needed. Her SA1 sadly still relies on the opponnent hitting her, which is quite bad for offensive viability. As a defender I feel like That's All Folks gets slightly worse because the precision stacks don't help her against someone who is playing perfectly. The enrages had let her at least do more chip damage on block. As for Stand Out, I still think she sucks. Sure, she regains health faster and can eek out some health on block. However she still only regains health until her health percentage is equal to her opponent. Also they did not touch the issue with her SA2 being a coin flip. As a Primed main I will say this: Critical Mass is just way better than having the bleeds. Critical Mass lets you hit over 100,000 damage with a Napalm Shot or Silent Scope on a crit. The bleeds were only something I pulled out against Grudge Painwheel anyway so that I could damage her through her armor.
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  15. Inked

    Inked Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2018
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    i liked that though > : (

    anyways this looks like a great update! i’ll have to get used to some of the SA and rift battle tweaks. hype!
  16. FriendlyWolf

    FriendlyWolf Active Member

    Feb 24, 2018
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    Ohhh I like where all this is going! Although I am confused on one thing, what's the difference between disabling blockbusters and disabling super meter (on Bad Ms Frosty's SAs)?
  17. KepStep

    KepStep New Member

    May 28, 2018
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    Honestly you guys keep nerfing cerebella and I’m not here for it
    But everything else looks great
  18. xcapibara

    xcapibara Active Member

    Aug 8, 2018
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    It’s all good. Though I don’t get why sketchy, primed and bad ms frosty were nerfed. And dont even get me started on thats all folks peacock: people saying she needed a big buff and she gets nerfed instead! Maybe we should’ve claimed she was op and needed a nerf.

    Stand out’s sa’s are still terrible: that bit about ‘lower hp than your opponent’ makes all the difference in the world. Worse than silver bloody valentine eliza.

    And one more thing; if cerebella’s marquee now only procs once in a pummel horse, given that pummel horse hits like 10 times, does it mean that by the end of it the opponent will have gained meter instead of lost it? Because if thats the case then you just killed the marquee completely.
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  19. KepStep

    KepStep New Member

    May 28, 2018
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    I’d hope that’s not the case because if so then I should start saving up skill points. With stand out I don’t see much wrong with her SA2, but her SA1 has to go.
  20. xcapibara

    xcapibara Active Member

    Aug 8, 2018
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    I’ll just copy/paste what i wrote in another thread about stand out:

    50% SA2 is too little for too much cost (200k coins per node plus a lot of skill points) when, as you mentioned, there’s chaos banish special move (which comes in all flavors, even bronze!) with a 100% certainty to work and even apply heal block. Or a silver character (purrfect dark) which is much, much cheaper to upgrade and can permanently curse opponents after 10 seconds. Or a lower tier eliza (red velvet) who can sekhmet hex for a 100% certainty. Or even bronze sketchy.

    Compare with (what little i’ve seen) other natural diamonds which can disable bb’s by mere proximity, drain life, and even make you lose huge chunks of hp by simply blocking your blockbusters.
    And what you get is meter gain? Pffftt. Even bronze beat box can gain 25% meter by using a special move. Or a gray matter cerebella who gives extra meter to teammates, and so on.
    To make matters worse, that SA2 is dedicated to opponents who actually gain buffs, against those who do not gain buffs throughout the match the SA2 is non-existant.
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