• [2018/06/22]
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OFFICIAL - Update Notes - Umbrella's Release!


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Feb 4, 2018
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93 patch = The Secret Streak Stomper patch

It happens in all prize fights; character, elemental, medici, monthly holiday, etc. Instead of a slow rise in enemy FS, there is a steeper difficulty ramp.

Streak 18 - enemy FS 50k
Streak 24 - enemy FS 80k
Streak 33 - enemy FS 100k

And a lack of variety. Instead of a high, medium, or low, it is all one uniform level of FS to choose.

This makes for interesting, tough battles, but it slows the climb. Your momentum is easily derailed and past 20, you go into every fight like it could be your last (strategy change: forget leveling the weak, this is about survival, bring at least 2 carries).

It wouldn't be too bad if streak restarts were so dreadfully dull. Slogging through 1-10 without a lucky multiplier (5x plz!) is a sleepwalk and then a dozen fights later it is a nightmare. Seems a little severe.

I dunno, the scoring thresholds don't look too different (except for the maniac that got a BILLION in the Double diamond PF!).