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OFFICIAL: Skullgirls Mobile General FAQ


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May 6, 2017
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How much does this game cost?
Skullgirls Mobile is FREE. While Skullgirls does contain optional in-app purchases, almost all content is obtainable without spending a penny. In-App Purchases help you acquire more stuff quicker, but it's completely optional.


How do I change my username?
We will soon add a feature that allows players to change their display names soon. As a potential workaround in the meantime, if you link a LINE account your display name will default to that username instead. LINE account names can be easily changed (unlike Facebook or Google usernames).

How can I best secure my game data?
You can reduce the risk of lost game data by linking your data to your LINE Facebook, or Google account via the Options screen, which you can access by tapping the gear icon in the top-left corner of the main menu.

I spent money on a purchase but didn't get the right reward. Who do I contact to resolve this?
Please direct all billing issues to LINE's customer service portal: https://lg-cs.line.me/fm/public/inquiry/index


How do I get Skill Points?
You are awarded Skill Points whenever a Fighter levels up. Skill Points are also available as rare drop rewards in Daily Events and as Milestone and Rank Rewards Prize Fights.

What is a good way to get more Skill Points?
Remember, Skill Points are shared across all Fighters of the Character-type. For example, Parasoul Heavy Reign and Parasoul Sheltered share Parasoul Skill Points.

If you need Skill Points for a Heavy Reign Parasoul, you can always level up a whole bunch of Sheltered Parasouls and use the Skill Points earned on Heavy Reign instead.

What are Character Abilities?



A Character Ability is an unlockable ability specific to a Character. For example, all Big Band Fighters can unlock his Character Ability, Can’t Stop the Beat, which allows him to absorb one hit while dashing without being interrupted.

Some Character Abilities require unique inputs. To activate a Painwheel Fighter’s Flight Risk (which allows her to go airborne and unlocks new attacks), swipe up twice quickly during a fight.

What are Signature Abilities? How are they different from Character Abilities?
Signature Abilities are unlockable passive abilities unique to a specific Fighter while Character Abilities are shared by all Fighters of a given Character type. For example, while That’s All Folks Peacock and Sketchy Peacock share the same Character Ability (they are both Peacocks!), they each have very different Signature Abilities.

Signature Abilities can be unlocked and upgraded in a variety of ways on a Fighter’s Skill Tree.

How do I get keys?
Completing and 100%ing sections of Story Mode grant keys as rewards. Prize Fight Ranked Rewards also grant keys at certain ranks.


How do Move stats and modifiers work?


All Moves have 5 properties: Cost, Level, Modifier, Substats, and Rarity. In addition, some Moves also have 2 other properties Damage (for offensive moves), and Cooldown (for Special Moves, not Blockbusters). Bronze Moves have 1 sub-stat, Silver Moves have 2, and Gold Moves have 3. Whenever you upgrade a move, one of the sub-stats will increase at random.

Damage dealing moves deal more damage based on their Rarity and their Level. The chart below gives an overview of the amount of variation in damage you can expect for a given Move across multiple Rarity Tiers (for example, a L12 Bronze Argus Agony, a L6 Silver Argus Agony, and a L1 Gold Argus Agony would all do the same amount of base damage).



Do stats have a maximum value? If so, what is it?
Depends on the stat! Some stats have a max cap. Bonus sub-stats from Moves, Signature Abilities, and Skill Tree upgrades contribute towards the max cap, which cannot be exceeded.

ATK and HP do not have a cap, which means their maximum value isn’t constrained. Fighters do have a level cap. Bronze Fighters have a maximum level of 30, Silver Fighters have a maximum level of 40, and Gold Fighters have a maximum level of 50.

Advanced Stats and Resistances can be augmented by Moves, Signature Abilities, and Skill Tree upgrades. However, many Advanced Stats and Resistances have caps, which may vary from stat to stat. These stats can never exceed the maximum value cap (listed below):



What are Daily Events?
Daily Events are character-specific events where players can win Skill Points, Special Moves, and Blockbusters for that character via clearing Treasure Nodes, Boss Fights, 100%ing the map, and as a random drop from any given fight.

Daily Events come in 3 difficulties - BASIC, ADVANCED, and EXPERT. Tougher difficulties have increased odds of dropping higher Rarity Moves and larger bundles of Skill Points.

Daily Events reset every 24 hours, make sure to clear them regularly!

What is the schedule of daily events?
  • Monday: Filia
  • Tuesday: Big Band
  • Wednesday: Valentine + Beowulf
  • Thursday: Painwheel
  • Friday: Cerebella
  • Saturday: Peacock
  • Sunday: Parasoul + Eliza


What is the current Prize Fight schedule?
We are still gathering data on Prize Fights, so the schedule is in flux for the immediate future. That said, once things settle in, we will share more information about when to expect upcoming Prize Fight events.

Where can I find my Prize Fight ranking?
This is something we want to add in the future, there are unfortunately technical challenges that make it trickier to do than we'd like. Nonetheless, it's on our roadmap to provide more visibility mid Prize Fight than we have now.


When does the Skullgirls Mobile story take place?

The main story of Skullgirls Mobile takes place before the events of the console game. Future stories will fill in various parts of the Skullgirls Universe's timeline.

Will Skullgirls Mobile add more stories?
Yes! Stay tuned for more Skullgirls stories!


When are you releasing <insert console-playable character>?
We plan on releasing more Skullgirls characters in the future! Stay tuned!

Are you releasing new characters from the Skullgirls universe as playable characters? (ex: Minette)
We would love to do so! But it depends on a number of factors (i.e. Minette's schedule, how well the game performs, etc). The more people playing, the higher the chances will be! Tell your friends!


How do I walk?
If you idle for two seconds, your character will automatically start walking forward at a more leisurely rate. When walking, you can immediately cancel into any other action!


How do I activate/deactivate Eliza's Sekhmet Mode?
First unlock the character ability, Warrior Goddess, on that Eliza Fighter's Skill Tree.


To enter Sekhmet Mode in battle, execute a Blockbuster that transforms Eliza into Sekhmet (Sekhmet's Turn, Sekhmet’s Bite, or Sekhmet’s Fury). To deactivate Sekhmet mode, tap the Sekhmet icon just above your special move buttons.


How do I detonate Parasoul's Tears?
Once you've unlocked the Tearful character ability, you can detonate tears by executing a charge attack.


Will you add controller support?
SG has been rebuilt for mobile and thus designed with touch inputs in mind. As such, there are no current plans for controller support!


What is the maximum Fighter level?
The maximum level a Fighter can reach varies depending on their tier.
Bronze Fighters have a maximum level of 30, Silver Fighters have a maximum level of 40, and Gold Fighters have a maximum level of 50.
Evolved Fighters will have their Skill Tree remain the same as their default tier, and they will have their maximum level extended to match their newest tier.

How much experience is required to reach (x) Fighter level?
The amount of experience required for a fighter to reach a certain level also changes depending on their tier.
Here are some key TOTAL EXP benchmarks to guide you!

Level 10 - 3,899
Level 20 - 23,717
Level 30 - 63,368 [Maximum Level]​

Level 10 - 20,470
Level 20 - 129,890
Level 30 - 348,743
Level 40 - 786,449 [Maximum Level]​

Level 10 - 42,979
Level 20 - 284,927
Level 30 - 768,819
Level 40 - 1,736,597
Level 50 - 4,156,053 [Maximum Level]​



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Updated the FAQ with some Fighter Leveling EXP benchmarks for those interested in how much total EXP is required to reach a certain level.

I'll make new posts like this one when we add more information.
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