• [2018/06/22]
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Original Skullgirls Song #7


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Jul 6, 2021
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People are not good to each other
The world is a violent place
There is beauty here and there
There is light
There must be hope
Even in the most cruel of fates
We must keep going
It´s not just believing
It´s acting
We must thrive
There are these moments, however
That the strength seems to vanish
The tears come, uninvited
And the solution is to hide
Inside ourselves
To rebuild
To transform the pain in virtue
Pushing others away is not an option
In these macabre hours
It´s vital
To live
To breathe
To leave
In our minds we find comfort
And also terror
But there is this safe place
Beyond all the shadows
A peaceful meadow
Where i lay my head on your lap
And you run your fingers through my curly hair
The tears now are of joy
Sublime Bliss
I keep coming back here
Again and again
Diving deeper everytime
Inside my own soul
Disconnecting from everything outside
From everyone
Until I can´t recognize anyone
It´s so warm
Your embrace
Our embrace
I got used to it
Being alone
I am not alone
I have the Muses
I have God
I have you to take care of me
In your generous smile
In your subtle touch
In your kind soul
Take me away
Where we can live in a comfortable silence
Where we can be ourselves
And feel the happines of just being alive

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