• [2018/06/22]
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Bug - Normal Parasoul Silent Scope


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Jun 10, 2017
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Maybe it's just me or it was never intended to work that way but when I do a full air combo into a floor sweep and then do silent scope, the AI gets up and automatically blocks it. If this is intended I don't see any other way to use it other than baiting the AI and or after a grab; it was nice to do and full air combo into a sweep, cast napalm toss or shower, then silent scope + charge attack...
Not sure what the question/bug is here, but I'll assume you're talking about how you can no longer use silent scope for a guaranteed hit on wakeup. I'm fairly certain the reason this was changed is because it wasn't possible to defend against many blockbusters on wakeup, which was a bit frustrating if you happened to be on the receiving end.

IMO it's a change for the better to make gameplay more fair both for the AI and for the players. It wasn't just Silent Scope that was unblockable on wakeup, but other moves like Super Sonic Jazz, Gregor Samson, and i think Motor Brigade. I'd prefer not to feel helpless when the AI has me locked down by unleashing a bunch of blockbusters that I can't do anything but watch as they knock out the last of my HP
Is that really the case? I feel like I've never been that helpless against blockbusters on wake up. I have noticed the AI before patch 1.2.4 being notoriously bad on blocking on wake-up and tag-in but now they seem to be a bit better.